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Hi Andy,

You are awesome in answering the questions!

1) APBT crossing a river (2-3ft water) and suddenly a mugger croc comes in the picture (both are large males) what will be the outcome?

2) APBT vs .......
Rock Python
Sun Bear
Sloth Bear

Hi Siddharth,
Thanks for the compliment!

1) APBT crossing a river (2-3ft water) and suddenly a mugger croc comes in the picture (both are large males) what will be the outcome?
This doesn't look good for the dog Siddharth,yes this Dog is a gladiator in his own right but he is in the Crocs domain. I think the Dogs best chance is to flee. If he decides to go for the Crocodile, the Croc will win pretty easy in this situation. I think that the Crocodile wouldn't distinguish between the APBT and any other prey item if he sees the Dog swimming around. This particular Crocodile has a massive Jaw force and it's inevitable that the Dog will end up in those Jaws.

2) APBTv Komodo
I think unless the Dog has been trained hard for this encounter it won't do it, it will find it really difficult to attack the Komodo unless he can flip it over and to be honest he would need a big size advantage to do that. Komodos can kill large Boar. If the saliva of the Komodo enters the Pitbuls bloodstream then the dog will suffer a lot of pain, possibly be incapacitated from it. I can only see the APBT winning in there are clear advantages for him, eg size.

APBT v Rock Python
This would be a hard one for the Dog but it can do it after a very long battle. The snake can definitely take something the size of a APBT. This could either go two ways, the dog latches on to one part of the Snake and ends up coiled because of this or the dog outflanks the snake at every part of the fight till the Snake is worn out. If the Dog gets coiled up he can be killed so due to the breed it may be a bad fight for the Pitbul. Training for the Dog would turn the tide tho.

APBT v Sun Bear
The APBT will not be frightened when it sees the Bear and will launch an attack and for a while it may appear the Dog is going to win but eventually the Bear will fight back and it's curtains for the Dog. This Bear has loose skin that the Dog will unlikely bite threw, the Bear will inflict it's own attack while the Dog is attached to him. These Bears are not as dangerous as other Bears but if put in the situation they have massive power and potential. Only if advantages for the Dog are present can it win.

Sloth Bear
After seeing a man who went one on one with a Sloth Bear, I doubt the Dog has much chance. Sloth Bear victims tend to tell the story due to them being horribly disfigured if not killed. This is one nasty Bear when it gets going. How I compare this one is by seeing an average attack on a human, APBT attack humans far more than Bears do however when a Bear like this does attack it is likely far worse than being attacked by an any Dog.

APBT v Leopard
Unless massive advantages given to Dog than no. As I said in previous posts I have encountered Male African Leopards I am sure no Dog could fight and live afterwards.
Even a Female has the capacity to kill the APBT, but the rule is as follows

An above average APBT can beat a below average Leopard.
An average Leopard will beat an average APBT.
An above average Leopard will kill any Dog in this world.

Hope that helps Siddharth. Keep em coming!  

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