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Hi Andy,


1)20 Dholes vs Tiger

2)German Sheperd vs Spotted Hyena

3)Rottweiler vs Spotted Hyena

4)Pitbull vs Spotted Hyena

5)If croc can attack elephant who does it fear for Hippo.

Hi Siddharth,
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1)20 Dholes vs Tiger

This has happened in the wild and has been witnessed and written about. I have heard that 30 Dholes have killed a Bengal tiger and I have heard that 22 Dholes have killed a Tigress but really I think 20 Dholes will be enough for a long encounter that will ultimately lead to the deaths of 5 or 6 Dholes probably more but also one worn out Tiger in which they will eat it alive at that stage. Don't get me wrong these type of fights are rare but Dholes are super persistent and if they attack a Tiger they mean business.

2)German Sheperd vs Spotted Hyena

It may seem that at equal sizes the dog has a good chance but realistically it has very little chance. A dog may be more aggressive and attack first with the Hyena retreating but the Hyena could rip it's head off pretty quickly. Spotted Hyenas are super powerful animals. A jaw power that is built for crushing the hardest bone. They have a thick Hide that I doub't the GS would damage much.

3)Rottweiler vs Spotted Hyena
Again, a bigger stronger dog but in general the Hyena will be way too much, potentially the Hyena could end the fight immediately by launching into the dog first, but strangely the dog is the likely aggressor here, one well positioned bite and shake will rip up the dog.

4)Pitbull vs Spotted Hyena
If any dog can do it then this is the one (APBT) but really unless the dog has serious advantages over the Hyena like size and strength and I know that a APBT is not going to be as strong as a spotted Hyena at average size. Potentially the Spotted Hyena could beat any dog it's size or smaller and really probably bigger to. The APBT will explode all over the Spotty but eventually the Spotty will think hold on I'm stronger than this thing and inflict it's own attack.

5)If croc can attack elephant who does it fear for Hippo.
I don't know if I understand this one but I'll try, The croc would fear the Hippo because Hippos have been know to attack Crocodiles in the water and on land. Crocodiles rarely attack elephants and for good reason, an elephant could swing a croc around and send it flying.
Crocodiles do attack young elephants if they can.

Hope that is what you wanted.
Thanks Siddharth.  

Interspecies Conflict

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