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Hi Andy!

Happy Diwali!

1) Deinosuchus vs T - Rex
any animal capable of killing Deinosuchus?

2)Any dog capable of killing APBT?

3)Nile croc vs Indian Rhino

4)Lion vs 20 APBT

5)Tiger vs 20 APBT

6)GSD vs Rottweiler

Hi Siddharth,

Thank you for the "Happy Diwali", I don't celebrate it but I would like to,it looks like a great time of year!

Anyway Questions,
I am not that familiar with Dinosaurs, I know others on this site tend to be but I know little about them other than the main ones but I@ll try answer your first question:

1. The T-Rex was a killing machine and even this Deinosuchus wouldn't be able for him.
I don't know what types would be be capable but I'd presume any with a size advantage would.

2.Yes, there are plenty of dogs capable of this, however it's the law of averages again. A 30 lb APBT is likely to beat any other dog at that weight. These odds come with the years of fighting in the breed. I have seen dogs that I am sure would take an Elite APBT in a fight just not very many. If the dog has a size advantage well then that's going to help. An APBT is a great athlete, sometimes watching them you see that they are nearly like a big cat when it comes to athleticism and climbing, it is the best dog as regards this. Also these dogs can last a long time in a fight, the point I'm trying to make really is the APBT can take a beating from a larger dog and if the larger dog can finish the deal well then the APBT will still have energy to launch more attacks. As regards breeds the Eastern type, Bully kutta, Kangal, and others would be likely candidates, but again weight being the same the APBT is the best of the best.

3. The Indian Rhino would be too much for the Nile Croc, potentially in the right circumstance the Croc could launch an attack in water giving it an advantage but the rugged rough skin on a Rhino gives it loads or armour. The Indian Rhino is going to give the Croc a hard time and the Croc will retreat if it knows what's good for him.

4. Way too much for the Lion, yes it may handle 10 maybe, but 20 no way the lion doesn't have a chance against 20 APBT.

5. Slightly more chance but realistically very little change of surviving an attack by 20 APBT.

6. GSD vs Rottweiler
The German Shepherd can do it but in general the Rottweiler would win due to it's power. The Rottweiler would win the most amount of times. The GS is a very smart dog, it is used by humans for tough jobs due to this. A super top line German Shepherd may very well win and these are the best dogs that can be bought to be honest.


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