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Hi Andy,
I have watched in awe at people believing domestic dogs and even any dog can beat a Cougar or Leopard in a fight, is this true?
Could a dog beat a Lion for instance? I saw a video of a dog beating a puma I think, the puma was very small compared to the dog but are these big cats not as tough as we think?
Also what is the most powerful of the Cats in your opinion?
and what about Dogs, whats the toughest Dog? and what would the best dog be against a big Cat.
Also, is a wolverine a danger for a tough Dog or even Big Cat?
and what os the most dangerous animal for human if they happened to bump into them.
Thanks alot

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for the questions, they are good ones!

Firstly, Dogs vary greatly, everything from a poodle to a St. Bernard so there are many strong powerful dogs, In general it is fighting breeds who are the toughest as regards fights but working breeds are used for certain purposes and they excel at them. I have come across male Leopards that NO dog could fight and live afterwards because they are just designed to kill and they excel at that but the following rule applies for this

An above average fighting breed dog could beat a below average sized Leopard or at least scare the cat away.
An average dog would have no chance against an average Leopard.
An above average sized Leopard would destroy ANY dog.

In the right circumstance the Dog could win with massive advantages, size weight breed etc. I however have known that even female leopards have killed 3 big dogs at a time in South Africa.

As regards Lions it's even tougher for the dog, even a sloppy Lion could probably do away with the toughest dog.

The most powerful cat is between the Bengal Tiger and the Siberian Tiger. They have been known to take down massive prey alone.

The toughest Dog breeds are generally the fighting breeds and the best fighting breed is the APBT because it has been breed and structured for this for so long.

As I said an fighting elite APBT is a nightmare for any animal due to it's lack of fear and determination but against a killing machine like a Tom Leopard he could only win by being stronger than the cat and the chances of that are low unless the cat is an infant,ancient old or wounded. The Leopard can bring alot of new aspects to a fight, flipping the dog over and not to mention the claws.
The toughest dog I ever came across was a Husky type, he was massively strong and to be honest I can't see any other dog beating him. He was a freak above average powerful dog!

A wolverine is an animal that can take one hell of a beating thus sometime turning the tide on a fight with a larger animal(even a bear) It has been documented that they have out fought larger animals usually due to food. Yes they may very well be far too much for a tough dog, definitely for an average dog.

The most dangerous animal, hmm there's loads but from what I have seen a Hippo would be a very unpleasant animal to bump into in the wrong circumstances!
Lions also, as it may not be straightforward death for a human, being prized and passed around while crippled couldn't be nice!
A Hyena would be ultimate fear as hearing your bones being crunched down to nothing would be an awful way to go.
I have heard that documented chimp attacks on humans have involved the loss of certain parts of the body you don't want to part with.
Practically any animal from a Stag to an Elephant in the wrong circumstances could spell a horrendous end so it's a hard one to answer.


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