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Interspecies Conflict/Dogs, Wolves, and Hyenas


I am going to jump on the bandwagon.

First of all, I am biased in favor of Wolves; I just happen to really admire them.


I believe the Wolf typically weighs around 85- 125 pounds; in other words, this weight range
probably accounts for 90% of them.
I think in a Wolf vs. whatever question, using 125- 135 pounds for a large male
is more reasonable than 200 pounds- just like some humans weight 350 pounds, but
not too many. I could make a joke about this last comment, but I won't.

Likewise, Hyena females usually weigh 140-160 pounds (I believe).
I like Hyenas too, but they are usually bigger than Wolves- and this is an advantage
(assuming they are not "oversized" and lose athleticism.

If I was going to ask, I would be interested to know how a 120 pound alpha male Wolf
would fare against a 155 pound female Hyenas- IN THE WILD.
I do not feel either animal will be optimal in a fighting pit which is an alien environment
to them and will probably confuse and frighten them.

Other battles...
70 pound APBT (maximum athleticism size for them I think) vs. 120 pound male Wolf
How would they do: In a pit to the death vs. in the wild.

Use the "in the fighting pit" vs "in the wild" for:

1. 155lb Hyena vs. 120 lb Wolf
2. 120 pound Hyena against same Wolf.
3. 70 pound Pitbull against the Hyena

Another question:
Which dog breeds (prime specimen of the breed) do you believe can usually beat the Wolf?
If none, which do you believe will give the Wolf the most trouble.
How about the Hyena (i.e., which breeds can win, or give the most trouble to)?

What would  Wolf vs Hyena, Pitbull Vs.Wolf or Pitbull (or another "better " breed if you think
another would do better) vs. Hyena battle look like?
How long would it last?

Thanks- I'm looking forward to your response.
Glad you joined the ranks of the experts !

Hi Michael,
As you said you are biased in favour of the wolves so understandably you would want to see them winning these battles. I to like wolves as they are super wild and have an affinity for the wild far more than any dog does.

Ok so firstly the wolf 120 lb alpha male v 155 lb Hyena matriarch, well really the Hyena has this one, I have worked up close with hyenas and they are ferocious, not to say the wolf isn't but the Hyena has a thick hide and jaws that crush bone and to top it off they are structurally very solid fighters, more so than the wolf and the female is usually the most viscous of them. I have witnessed hyena fights in the wild also. The wolf has advantages but it wouldn't be able to kill the Hyena even if it were stronger. In each environment it would be the Hyenas fight, even if the Hyena is defending itself it can turn the fight around quickly.

The Wolfhound (Irish) was bred for this purpose and the wolfhounds of the past could do it, but not with ease. I believe the very best fighting breeds could potentially be more powerful than a wolf however an average wolf will be too much for 95% of dogs. The wolfs bite force is often twice that of a German Shepherd so if it bites the dog will be damaged no matter what dog. The alpha male is going to be the above average wolf and I can't see many dogs being able to over power him.

70 pound Pitbul against the Hyena may well go more the dogs way especially at the start, the dog will explode and latch onto the Hyena and shake the hell out of it except you see it wont shake it as well as if it was another pitbul, so the hyena will soon realize that it has the goods to kill the dog with it's own jaws and it's own shaking. The Hyena would win unless big advantages are given to the dog and a 155 pound Hyena will beat a 70 pound pitbul.

As regards dogs that could handle a Hyena, maybe a large Ochvarka or Kangal but even then the Hyena is just stronger in general. In Roman times there were dogs, much like the wolfhound that were said to handle Hyenas and Big cats but there is no real evidence of this.
The fight would be a nasty looking one, the dog is most likely the aggressor while the Hyena will likely want to flee unless it sees the dog as food! the Hyena will quickly realize that a dog like a APBT means business and the Hyena may get a fright when the dog attacks but a Hyenas hide is rough and rugged and can take the attack quite well, the Hyena will launch its self defence attack and one bite and shake could tear a hug lump out of the dog. In SA it is not that likely that dogs would be around wild Hyenas but they make short work of average dogs. I have seen others on this site not give the Spotted Hyena not a lot of credit, I cannot believe it, have they been around the same animal I have.

Hope that's ok Michael

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