Interspecies Conflict/Elephant vs Squid


Hi Andy nice to meet you!This is definietly non realistic but who would win between an African Elephant and a Giant Squid?


Hi Morissa,
This would be a crazy fight, I don't these animals know about each others existence and it would be hilarious for them to encounter each other, I doubt there'd be a fight, more of a "what the hell is that" reaction.

I'm going to put it that the Elephant is in water and the Giant Squid launches an attack and manages to get his tentacles over the Elephant but there's a problem, the squid can't hold the Elephant back if the Elephant has ground to walk on, the Elephants trunk is like one super strong tentacle and he will dexterously remove the Squid. The Squid moves off and decides to go for smaller prey. The only way the squid would have a chance would be if the Elephant was in really deep water, he could try drown it but Elephants are smart and don't stay in deep water for long!
Hope that helps.

Interspecies Conflict

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