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wrote wrote at 2012-11-08 07:50:03
Baboons are highly aggressive powerful primates with grappling advantages and very fast speed. They also have very big teeth and possess a dangerous bite. Baboons are said to have defeated african wild dogs and striped hyenas, although this isnt fully sure. But for a fight with a grey wolf or a brown hyena, the baboon should be able to do the same. It could use its limbs to grab and stop their mouth from biting them and landing their bite on it. It matters how the wolf or brown hyena plays out. They cant be underestimated as they are very intelligent and durable animals.  

alias wrote at 2012-12-24 07:44:01
I agree with this expert.

1) The polar bear has better weaponary, more powerful bite, more carnivorous, and is much stronger. The black bear wont even stand a chance. If the black bear has at least 120 kg weight advantage, then it has some chance.

2) At parity, wolf everytime.

3) Cougar. Its a prime male.

4) The baboons cant do much to a jaguar. Jaguar wins.

5) The snake, but it wont be easy to do to a jaguar of that size.

6) Horses, most likely.

7) The zebra should trample them all.

8) Bull sharks, most likely.

9) The lioness. It could kill one or two quickly, and the other wont have much chance.

10) The baboon, due to grappling advantage.

Im not sure on this one, but i think the bison has a more dangerous charge.  

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