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alias wrote at 2012-11-27 00:16:02
The only chance a black bear has against a brown bear is a big size advantage. A Very large american black bear vs a very small brown bear would be different. Average vs average, no black bear cant beat a brown bear. But a 200 lb weight advantage towards the black bear gives it some chance.  

name wrote at 2012-12-12 07:23:41
American black bears are seen to defeat not very big wild boars in actual fights. Black bears are not that bad for taking on wild boars. Some have adapted to take on big prey. They are quite strong bears, have grappling advantage, and have good weaponary to deal with the boar. Asiatic black bears are not big enough to beat a wild boar in a fight, but grown adult american black bears have the size to take one out. A single clob to the boar's skull could kill it.  

limit wrote at 2012-12-12 07:44:01
Black bear vs Polar bear at parity-

I find it suprising that polar bears are actually very impressive bears like brown bears. They have bone-crushing bites, a lot of sharp teeth, long sharp claws, and are tremendously strong bears. Black bears on the other hand, have sharp claws too. But it is rather short and curved, unlike polar bears. The teeth of black bears doesnt consist of too much big and sharp teeth, except for the shortish upper canines (like brown bears). They could be more aggressive and meaner than polar bears, but they arent strong enough and they arent as carnivorous as polar bears.  

interesting wrote at 2012-12-12 08:01:21
I agree with jim's answer on the moose vs brown bear.

Moose vs Brown bear

I so doubt that a moose would actually want to engage a fight with a grown brown bear. Moose are rather sluggish and poor fighters. Brown bears are something that no predators want to really mess with, even tigers. They have killed siberian tigers (second largest tiger species) many times. Even largest and most formidable siberian tigers cant beat adult brown bears in a head on head fight.

Grizzly bear vs Polar bear

This is a 100 lb disadvantage to the grizzly bear. I am highly betting on the grizzly or brown bear to win most of the time simply cause of aggression, being a better fighter, and more robust. The polar bear always has a chance due to sheer strength and massive paw swipes and bites.

Polar bear vs wild boar-

Bad day for the wild boar. The polar bear is much bigger here. It should easily win with a paw swipe. Its bite could also shatter the wild boar.

Bison vs Polar bear at parity

I go with the bison. I honestly think the polar bear wont have the predatory experience to deal with a bovid such as a buffalo, bull etc. A lucky paw swipe to the bison's skull may kill it, but it wont easily happen. A brown bear is a better matchup.  

Improver wrote at 2013-01-03 07:04:09
Additional answers

1) The wild boar is a really hard thing for most bears to kill. The polar bear does not deal with this type of prey, but it has the size and massive strength to do so.

2) Two Black bears would not make much of a difference. They lack the pure strength nor a larger bear species to handle the wild boar, and the boar could just rip both of them up.

3) The black bear wins due to size. Being four times heavier, a bear should be able to kill a wild boar.

4) The black bear would win due to size. But this fight would be unlikely.

5) The brown bear is much bigger than the wild boar and could win, but the wild boar is still mighty tough for it to kill.

6) Forgot this one. Siberian Brown bear wins. They are about same aggressive as grizzly bears, and grizzly bears are more aggressive than other bears.

7) Polar bear wins everytime at parity. It may look docile and nice as it seems, but it is far more powerful and stronger than a black bear.  

8) The Brown bear, but it could get seriously injured if it did attempt.

9) Brown Bear wins in a fight. In a hunt, the bear would be driven off.

10) The black bears. It is a similar fight as 8, but more chances of them winning due to closer in weight.

11) Bison. Very suitable to charge and highly aggressive/well built and armed.

12) The polar bear is larger and has better weaponary, but the grizzly bear is more combative, stronger built, and more aggressive. Could go either way. On average, the polar bear would win due to size.  

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