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wrote wrote at 2012-11-27 00:07:13
130 lb cougar vs 440 lb black bear: The fight would be very close, but the black bear would eventually win. They are just more physically powerful, durable, and are stronger. A paw swipe could injure the cat.

130 lb cougar vs 300 lb sloth bear: The sloth bear wins simply cause of size, deadly claws, and aggression.

130 lb cougar vs 300 lb Asiatic black bear: The asiatic black bear has a good chance. It is a very powerful animal, and asiatic black bears are more carnivorous than american black bears.

130 lb cougar vs 300 lb spectacled bear: The spectacled bear is actually not aggressive for a bear and its diet is mostly plants. But it has the durability and strength to deal with the cougar.

130 lb cougar vs 100 lb sun bear: The sun bear has excellent defenses and has a huge dangerous bite. In real life, the cougar would be scared off, but in a fight, it would win.

130 lb cougar vs 300 lb panda: The cougar, probably. Pandas are not aggressive bears and they arent predatory.  

email wrote at 2012-12-12 01:00:25
I want to add after jim's explanations.

1) In an actual combat, the black bear would destroy the cougar if it wanted to. Moderate sized american black bears can even combat bigger and more dangerous big cats.

2) Here, I dont agree. The sloth bear is actually capable of killing the cougar. It is a very dangerous agile bear, has long claws, and is said to even fight off bengal tigers. Sloth bears are evolved to deal with predators by being aggressive.

3) Probably the asiatic black bear.

4) The spectacled bear, most likely. It has fought off adult male jaguars, even if it is mostly herbivorous. This bear can be furious when bothered.

5) I dont agree here. The sun bear is lb for lb the strongest bear due to its enormous bite and weaponary. The average cougar is about the same size as a large male sun bear.

6) I dont agree here. The panda would win, but it could be horribly injured.  

Heck wrote at 2013-03-23 05:55:29
A 330 lb american black bear was badly injured by a 150 lb mountain lion. The bear is much larger, but it does not really mean it will always dominate. Fights just do not work all the time.  

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