Interspecies Conflict/Deadly Encounters


max wrote at 2012-11-14 00:34:43
Dog fighting is illegal in many countries.

Deinousuchus would probably beat t-rex if it could catch it on land. It is 2 times t-rex's weight and its bite or tail could do serious damage to it. In water, t-rex would have no chance.

A rhino would easily destroy a crocodile on land. Only in deep waters, the crocodile could swim free and do enough bites to defeat the rhino.

20 pitbull terriers should win both the lion and tiger, but a couple members could be slaughtered.  

Interspecies Conflict

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I can answer many questions, firstly about all type of Dogs, I have worked very close to many breeds. Also many other animals.


I worked for many years in a preserved park here in south Africa with game animals. I worked mostly with dogs for security and herding. I have experience with some of the big five animals particularly Lions and Leopards.

I belong mostly to the well being of a large South African game park.

I have written up may guide for my local park and about South African countryside.

I have security credentials in dealing with dogs.

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I don't have any yet but hopeful my experience is enough.

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I work clodely with the South African Reserve.

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