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Edore wrote at 2012-11-08 07:23:50
For the black bear vs lioness, I disagree. The black bear is actually capable of killing the lioness. Even at same sizes, the black bear would be stronger. It would look the more powerful animal due to its far more robust built. The thick fur and muscles/fat layers of the bear could protect it from injuries. There was a video on a 300 lb lioness and a 300 lb asiatic black bear in a cage, where the black bear nearly troubled the lioness. The lioness tired out badly after quite a fight, and it hid somewhere away from the black bear. There was also another video where 2 bengal tigers were fighting a 220 lb asiatic black bear after the bear tried killing the cubs. Even such a bear tired the tigers out after quite a long fight. It escaped after that.  

chuck wrote at 2012-11-08 07:38:12
At parity between a brown bear and a polar bear, it is hard to say. Brown bears are better fighters, more powerfully built, and more aggressive. But polar bears have stronger and more powerful bites, better weaponary, and far more predatory. A single paw swipe of a polar bear could crush a beluga whale's skull. Polar bears are also very strong sucessful hunters. Grizzly and Brown bears struggle to hunt down wild boar 1/3 the size of them, and also get fended off by adult moose and bison. In a parity fight, the polar bear should win 6/10.  

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