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pete wrote at 2012-11-08 07:08:05
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200 lb jaguar vs 300 lb black bear- It is dangerous for a jaguar to fight a bear. Black bears are just too predatory for a bear, and also they tend to be confrontational towards other animals. Jaguars arent really good effective fighters against bears, despite their massive bite force and extreme robust built for a cat.

200 lb jaguar vs 400 lb sloth bear- I would pick the sloth bear to win a head on head fight. It is not only much bigger, but also is quite strong for a bear and more agile than other bears. Smaller Sloth bears are noted to have aggressively fought off adult bengal tigers, and the tiger is around 420-600 lbs.

At equal weights, both cats and bears have advantages over each other. The bear is more durable, more robust, has higher stamina, and is stronger. Cats are much more agile, faster, have sharper claws/teeth, and have more deadly bites. I think a 600 lb brown bear should beat a 550 lb lion, but it could be hurt as lions are powerful feline fighters.

Wild boars are sometimes prey to black bears. Some Black bears have well adapted to hunt and kill them, as well as other bigger animals. They know how to avoid and becareful of the boar's weaponary, and get a hit on its skull.

I think 4 asiatic black bears should be enough to take on an average siberian brown bear. With 4 400 lb black bears comming at it, the brown bear wouldnt have much of a chance to beat all of them.  

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