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Interspecies Conflict/Siberian tigers facts


Rohan wrote at 2012-11-24 10:22:06
690 lb lion vs 650 lb Siberian tiger

Wow, this would be really close but I think the Lion clearly has it. Mostly on average the Tiger wins but this Lion is huge and massively deadly. It's 90/10 the Lion. The jaws of the Tiger will be stronger but this lion is more like a bear and has the killing spirit a little more than this tiger, this time

HI Andy..I respect your opinion.But, i think you slightly underestimated tiger in its match-up against lion.I don't think 40lbs weight difference is going to make any difference.And Siberian tigers are strongest of all cats even on average.Even on average,tiger is still stronger than lion,more deft fighter,can be extremely vicious when it is fight to death.And this is a Siberian tiger,overall bigger than any other big cat.Siberian tigers have bigger skull,bigger jaws,bigger body and they are habituated of fighting dangerous enemies like Bears and boars.They know very well how to kill their enemy.Do you think only 40 lbs of weight difference will make tiger lose?I don't think so.This tiger has all other advantages over this lion except 40 lbs weight.

vasa wrote at 2013-01-03 21:45:35
Please note it will be very difficult to find such a huge Tiger

800-LBS is an exeption you will find many 400-500-Lbs

even Lions you will find many 400-500-Lbs

yes there are exagerrated stories of Tiger/Lion Lovers

but in the end a full grown Heathy Gissly Bear wuld kill both of them together


Interspecies Conflict

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