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Hello andy,

What is your opinion on these questions?

Eurasian Lynx vs Boxer Dog
Amur leopard vs Female spotted hyena
Bengal cat vs Great dane
Clouded leopard vs Doberman
3 caracals vs Female Brown hyena
mountain lion vs 4 chinese mastiffs
snow leopard vs 2 chinese mastiffs
Are polar bears dangerous?

Hi Codie,
thanks for the questions!

My opinion on these:

Eurasian Lynx vs Boxer Dog
This is a hard one, I know that the Boxer is a very powerful dog, it may be peaceful and timid compared to the fighting breeds but potentially it's up there with them in terms of power. The Lynx I believe can take Boar. I think in a straight out fight the Boxer will win due to endurance but if the Lynx gets it's teeth anywhere near the dogs neck it could be over for the dog. I'm going to say 50/50, but only presuming that Boxer is a domestic pet.

Amur leopard vs Female spotted hyena
This depends on weight and gender but at parity the Leopard should win or at least send the Hyena running. Spottys have beaten Leopards but usually only really young ones or old ones. The average Tom will be readily able to deal with a Hyena even a Matriarch big one. They are natural enemies and just because the Amur Leopard is on average smaller than it's cousins from Africa, it still has the goods to deal with the Hyena. The Leopard out of self preservation may flee this encounter tho.

Bengal cat vs Great dane
This would be bad news for the Cat, it wouldn't stand a chance, well a little chance as it may take an eye, which has happened but really dogs are way stronger than this Cat. However this encounter would be rare as Bengals cost sometimes thousand of Euros, Dollors whatever. This Cat is very sought after and I doubt any owner would let the Cat encounter any danger like this!

Clouded leopard vs Doberman
If the Cat preys upon the dog first it could be a kill for the Cat but the Doberman is super precise in attacks and defence so a long encounter should be expected, the Cat won't win if it can't get at the dog. It's a hard one again because Clouded Leopards have preyed upon some large prey and if the Cat gets a grip it can kill the dog rather easily. I'd give it 50/50 unless the Clouded Leopard is the same size, then it will win the fight.

3 caracals vs Female Brown hyena
If they work well together than the Caracals could win this outright, if not they still have the best chance in this. The Brown Hyena is tough enough to handle one but three no it wont be able for that.

mountain lion vs 4 Chinese mastiffs
Bad for the mountain Lion, no way he can kill 4 of these guys, I would say way too much for it, even one could be a good fight but after 2 there is no way this Lion would escape even. The Tibetan/Chinese Mastiff can be absolutely huge so that alone will intimidate the Cat, I would say the Cat can take 1 at a time Maybe but 4 no way. These Mastiffs have been brought to hunts for Amur Tiger and have showed lack of fear from even them so no not good for Cat.

snow leopard vs 2 Chinese mastiffs
More chance for the Cat here but still it will be the toughest fight of his/her life. The very toughest Snow Leopard could do this but average ones will not I'm afraid. Snow Leopards are tougher than we give them credit for, an encounter with one of these would leave most dogs dead in the water, however this dog is one of the biggest there is, that alone gives the dog a slight advantage.

Are polar bears dangerous?
Short answer yes,
They are extremely strong and can take most animals on this planet in a fight however there is no reason that it should be any more dangerous than any other wild animal. It doesn't seek out humans for food and we pose a far bigger threat to them than us but there have been attacks where one Polar Bear has killed 8 men in one go so yes I would say this animal is a powerhouse. However they rarely attack and most humans are very careful in place where this Bear lives. Put it this way Codie I wouldn't walk up to a Polar Bear and slap it across the face, if I did I would most likely loose my life quickly!  

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