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Hey Andy, glad to see you on here and answering our questions!

I have three for you.

1: Do you think a really elite, max-sized (i.e. 25kg) wolverine would stand any chance against an average spotted hyena? I think it would stand a slight chance because it's so much more game and has absolutely no fear or inhibition.

2: Tibetan Mastiff vs. elite game-bred APBT.

3: At exact size parity do you think a big, strong alpha chimp stands much of a chance against a leopard or cougar? I do but most of the Experts here disagree with me.

Thank you,

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the questions, I was about to go to bed but I just have to answer!

1: I think that yes it does have a chance, as I said before the wolverine is well known for
"weathering" the storm so a full frontal attack form a spotty would be a reasonable scenario(if they didn't live so far away from each other).
The Hyena has one of the most viscous jaws of any animal so it can dish out damage however the wolverine has the advantage of being able to attack while it itself is being attacked.
On average the hyena will win but if the wolverine gets a shot at the hyenas underbelly or even a leg the hyena will be sorry. I think the best wolverine will send the hyena away while an average one will still be alive after the attack. The hyena will win as regards a fight tho. it's 90/10 to the hyena.

2: This fight is unfortunately played out by thugs who have no qualms of animal cruelty. I think if the Tibetan has a serious size advantage it will win because of the power, and it will be quick and if it's not quick the odds change quick!
At averages the APBT will win, it generally wins at dog fights more than any other breed you see. The APBT has the gameness and (like the wolverine) it can take one hell of a beating. The Tibetan Mastiff is no soft cookie and will fight hard but I have to go with what I have learned and the average APBT will beat any average other dog.

3: At exact parity the chimp does have a chance, chimps are quite viscous however the cats are just so damn good at killing and I feel the chimp may flee or put himself into a situation the cat is all too familiar with and then a throat bite will end the chimp. However if you have a confident chimp who attacks face on it does have a chance. I can't call it but the chimp call definitely defend itself.

Thanks Martin.  

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