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Hi Andy, thanks for answering my questions!

I have a few more fights for you.

1: Elite, game-bred APBT vs. mule

2: Two big, prime (75kg or more) spotted hyenas vs. a very prime, alpha zebra stallion

3: Pretend that you have a wild boar and a rhino that are the exact same size with neither combatant losing any strength or agility in being scaled up or down. Who would win? I asked Jim Wilson this and he gave it to the rhino but what do you think? I say it would be really close.

4: Cape buffalo vs. elite game-bred Spanish fighting bull at exact parity

5: Hippo vs. rhino at exact parity

6: Two elite game-bred Spanish fighting bulls versus a musth bull elephant



Hi Martin,
no problem, love answering questions!

1. This horrendously cruel situation will go the Mules way in the end, the APBT will freak the Mule out but a well placed kick could kill or seriously fracture the APBT. It will take a while as the Dog will attack it like it would a bull but you have heard the phrase "as tough as a mule" well the Mule will last many attacks from the Dog before eventually walking all over it! As I said tho this is a horrible situation for both animals.

2. The Hyenas have very little chance as the Zebra is well equipped to defend and the Hyenas will only be able to take so  much before realizing they don't have the backup to bring this beast down!

3. Well it's a not a real situation as the Wild Boar blown to the size of a Rhino is not a Wild Boar, it's a mythical animal. Anyway there is very few animals able to take on a Rhino but if some giant Bar came along it may take a while longer but the Rhino has major advantages and would win every time.

4. Knowing the dangers of being anywhere near a Cape Buffalo I would say it would win. The Spanish fighting bull has massive solidity but not as much as the Buffalo. They are equally as aggressive but I have heard the Buffalo does way more damage than the Bull.

5. Again the Rhino has the armour, the Horn and the edge in the fight, a Hippo is no walkover but a Rhino can do it confidently.

6. In this case there is no chance at all, an Elephant like that is the most dangerous and powerful that nature gets in the animal world. The two bull may launch attacks but the Elephant will kill them pretty quickly if they try to attack even once.

Hope that helps Martin.


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