Interspecies Conflict/Four Epic Fights


1. Male Leopard vs Female Jaguar at parity

2. Three 400lb Prime Male Lions Vs. Tuskless 6,500lb Female Elephant

3. 500lb Black Bear VS. 4 Male Chimpanzees

4. 1,200lb Sumatran Rhino VS. 1,500lb Grizzly Bear

Hey Rob sorry for the delay, busy time.

1. Probably the leopard. More aggressive and a little more drive with the testosterone. Physically an extremely close fight.

2. If healthy the elephant should still win. Far too much power behind her.

3. I think if they hold their nerve the chimps should win this. It's a big but not enormous black bear, and it won't be completely dominant over a single chimp. They can do it.

4. Rhino should win. Too well armoured and powerful.

Cheers Brad

Interspecies Conflict

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