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Hello jim,

This time I am going to ask you some questions on animals from from india. Thanks.

1) 400 lb Asiatic Brown bear vs 300 lb Bengal tigress
2) 2 300 lb Asiatic black bears vs 500 lb bengal tiger
3) 10 Sloth bears vs Water buffalo
4) 2 Bengal tigers vs Water buffalo
5) World record 860 lb Bengal tiger vs 2 440 Asiatic black bears
6) 300 lb Asiatic brown bear vs 300 lb Asiatic black bear
7) World record 860 lb bengal tiger vs 2 440 lb Asiatic brown bears
8) World record 800 lb Asiatic black bear vs 2 250 lb asiatic lionesses
9) 40 dholes vs gaur

Hey Simon,

1. With it being male vs female, and with 100 lbs, I'd back the bear. Asiatic black bears are no where near as formidable as brown bears, but they just still have good weaponry and good defense, and an adult male is certainly capable of killing a tiger of this size.

2. This is another of those ones where on paper the result seems clearer than it would be in reality. Two decent sized bears should be able to kill a single tiger right? Well possibly, but unless they (unnaturally) both just go balls to the wall at the tiger and overwhelm it they likely won't.

3. The water buffalo may just succumb to numbers here. The claws of a sloth bear are going to do a lot of damage fairly quickly and the buffalo isn't exactly that fast. Not definite though

4. If working together as lions would, two good sized Bengal tigers could do this. In normal circumstances, unlikely.

5. Similar to #2, though far less chance for the bears. This tiger would be a frightening animal.

6. The only way the black bear would have a chance is if the brown bear is still very young. At these weights that is likely. But it's still the more powerful animal and I think if not very immature, the brown bear will be too much for the black bear.

7. You just asked this!

8. The bear should be way too much for the lionesses.

9. I'd back the dholes to eventually get it done. They are pretty ferocious and determined animals, and 40 is enough to trouble pretty much any animal, within reason.

Hope that helps Simon!

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