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Hello Mr. Andy. Gorilla vs Carnivore is a hotly debated topic I've always been curious about. I always backed the apes due to their mix of hands, upper body strength, intelligence, and overall versatility. But what are your thoughts?

We will be using the Eastern Lowland Gorilla as it is the largest, strongest subspecies.


1. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Tiger

2. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Lion

3. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Jag

4. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Leopard

5. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Puma


6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Grizzly

7. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Black bear

8. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Sloth bear

9. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Panda

10. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Spectacled Bear

11. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Moon bear

12. 2 Eastern Lowland Gorillas vs Polar Bear and just to give a good visual, here is an extremely massive, majestic Silverback.

I understand and respect that we may not agree as I can be very biased toward primates in general but I eagerly hope to hear your input all the same.

Thanks for these questions, they are good ones!

Yes, this is a hot topic of debate.
Firstly let me start off by saying that this is a massively powerful animal, I know chimps to have lifted 5 times what a massive human can and a Gorilla is about 5 times the chimp.
I always talk about the true potential of this animal and actually the prime male Mountain Gorillas tend to be the strongest but not by much. The Eastern Lowland Gorilla are on average larger but actually a prime male mountain silverback are meant to be the most powerful due to slight variations ie it's features e.g pronounced bony crests hold the largest muscles of any
ape, but if they are stronger than the Eastern Lowland Gorilla it is not by much. Anyway the best cage fighter got into a ring with a gorilla(even a grown female) the human could literally be shredded into bits, a Gorilla could grab your arm and rip it off with little effort.
OK let's use the Eastern Lowland Gorilla anyway as it is the biggest,

Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Tiger
The potential blows the Gorilla can give here are immense and they would definitely damage the Cat, the problem is the Cat is just one of the best killers(if no the best) the Gorilla could ever come across, the Tiger is anatomically different but the power is there, the Cat is very strong and at the end of the day it has a set of weapons that have killed bigger and stronger. The cats jaws crush turtle shells like crisps, the Gorillas skin is tougher than human skin but it is similar will it will have no armour from the fangs of this monster. Put it this way, if we had a human brain inside the Gorilla we could use the strength better and harness power for a grappling fight but really I think the Tiger maybe stronger again than the Gorilla!

2. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Lion
This is the same as the above, maybe a little more chance for the Gorilla but this has been played out in Roman theatres and while the mighty Gorilla often put more fear into people than the Lion, the Gorilla was often the more frightened one. If we had the cage fighters brain inside the Gorilla he could use the full potential of the power but still the Lion is massively powerful to, it would be like two powerful cage fighters fighting and one has fangs and a knife, who's going to win?

3. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Jag
There is more potential here, however those jaws crunch up skull pretty well. If the Gorilla is ambushed it could be over in seconds however face to face I see the jaguar fleeing. The Gorilla will have to man up and face the Jaguar head on and then he could do the damage necessarily to win, that's what I think.

4. Yes, the Gorilla can do it unless he has been ambushed and even then if he survives the initial attack he could do it.

5. The same as the above even tho Leopards preying on Gorilla is not unheard of however it's a highly unlikely a Leopard would seek out a Silverback for a fight. I have seen Leopards do some crazy stuff and they have known to fight well above there weight and strength so I don't know for sure but It would not be their best interest to take on a Silverback

6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Grizzly
The Bear is actually stronger here, not much of a contest unless the Gorilla gets Tyson type full punches into the Bear but even then the Bear will just get more angry and launch an attack of Strength and Bites from hell.

7. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Black bear
The Gorilla has more of a chance here, I'd give it 50/50.

8. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Sloth bear
The same as 7, maybe a little more chance for the Gorilla, I'd give it 70/30, potentially the Gorilla could win every time but it's nature is not going to turn it into a super killer.

9. These two have lots in common, they would actually be great friends if they were to co-exist, both have a similar nature but in a fight the Panda has the upper hand but not by much. 70/30 the Panda.

10. Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Spectacled Bear
Same as 8

11. Same as 7

12.  2 Eastern Lowland Gorillas vs Polar Bear
The Gorilla could do it however they would have to turn into violent animals and they are not as much. If the Bear reacts quickly he could take the both of them. I think actually 70/30 the Bear.

I love primate to, the Gorilla is a magical animal with massive brute strength, they are the real strongmen of the Ape world but they are not as violent or aggressive as Bears or Big cats.

Hope that helps,

Interspecies Conflict

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