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Hello Jim. Did you have a nice trip? I'm done with the midterm exams so I posted this.

1) It's not that I disagree with you but I am undecided on the whole feline claws vs bear claws topic.

Brown bears have longer claws than black and polar bears. But black bears, polar, and big cats have curved and sharper claws than brown bears. Brown bear claws are longer and straighter than black bear claws. claws are blunt, while black bear claws are sharp.

So which are better weapons? A brown bear's long blunt claws or a black/polar bear/big cat's short curved claws? I understand we may not agree but I respect your input.

2) Gorilla vs Boar- I think Gorilla wins IF: A) If he can grasp and manipulate with his hands until he's positioned behind the boar and try to strangle it, pound its neck/spine, or grab it by the back legs.

B) the gorilla can possibly lift the pig up and slam it against a wall or a tree.

C) the gorilla can grab a heavy stick or rock and bludgeon the pig to submission.

D) Gouge at the pig's eyes or hit his sensitive facial areas.

E) Roll the pig onto its back and bite his underbelly.

But if the boar charges and hits the gorilla with his tusks he can tear the gorilla up badly.

I really cannot call without disrespecting two of my favorite animals. If the gorilla felt the boar was threatening his family, he would get extremely enraged. But the boar can also get very aggressive and have very thick durable skin.

As long as we are not using a massive 600-800 LB Eurasian boar I think it's 50:50. So what is your opinion on this one Jim? I acknowledge we may disagree but I hope to hear your input into this.


Hey Elliot.

1) This is the same question as you already asked and I answered. As weapons alone, the cats are better, with the combined mechanisms involved in the use of the claws, eg the massive force with which bears will wield them; I sit firmly on the fence :)

2) Well you see, and I often talk about this, it all makes sense on paper but is the gorilla actually going to be able to do any of these things? This is just not something a wild gorilla would ever have to deal with and thus would struggle. The boar on the other time will defend itself the same against everything; head down and charge with the tusks. The amazing power of the gorilla gives it a chance, certainly, but I always struggle to picture it actually finishing off an opponent such as this.

Hope all is well Elliot.

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