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Hi Andy Nice to meet you by the way!Im a big fan of herbivoes rhinos,hippos,buffalos,you name it.And ive been doing a tarnement on herbivore vs herbivore match ups and hers the final part.These matches are to see if these are victorys for the herbivores.Her goes

Giraffe vs Walrus

Hippo vs Narwhal

Yak vs Green Anaconda(at the snakes largest)

Cape Buffalo vs Elephant seal

Mule vs Wolverine

Horse vs Pocupine

Zebra vs Ostrich

Thans and take as much time as you need!

Hi Trish,
Hope I can help you here, these are pretty crazy scenarios but it makes answering them fun.

Giraffe vs Walrus
I have seen Giraffe going berserk and they are mammoth sized beasts, they have been know to break the skull of a lion with those legs. The Walrus is a big lug with massive power but limited to its size and speed. The only way for a Walrus to be able to seriously hurt the Giraffe will be a bite to the neck and it will never get a chance at that. It can take 12 Lions to take a Giraffe and even then it's a long battle! The Giraffe will get the real blows in with it's legs and it's only a matter of time until the Walrus will want to get the hell away from it.

Hippo vs Narwhal
I would nearly think the Narwhal would have this except I have seen how fast and precise a Hippo can be. When a Hippo is in attack mode it is like watching a big fat person turn into Bruce Lee. Hippos are very good at fighting! you would have to see it to believe it.
However in this case the fight will take place in deeper water and the Narwhal will have the upper hand there, that that Helical Tusk is there for a reason and it will use it.

Yak vs Green Anaconda
What your asking is could an Anaconda suffocate a Yak and unless the Yak is young or infirm. A Giant Anaconda could deal with suffocating a large animal but I feel the Yak is too big. However I couldn't be sure how this would go sorry.

Cape Buffalo vs Elephant seal
This really depends where it would happen, however if in the African Savannah the Cape Buffalo or the "Black Death" as the locals call it would win. The Elephant Seal is too slow for that type of fight. If it was in water the Elephant seal would give it a bashing but the buffalo can take it. Cape Buffalo is the winner!

Mule vs Wolverine
After a very very long drawn out attack the wolverine could win but only if the Mule could not get away but if the Mule has space a back kick could really damage the wolverine. If it was an enclosed space the wolverine may start attacking vulnerable areas as it often does!

Horse vs Pocupine
The Horse would either get away or eventually after many kicks get one kick in and kill the porcupine stone dead.

Zebra vs Ostrich
On the plains these guys actually watch each others back where they coexist. The Zebra is far more solid and strong and if push came to shove it would win. The only thing the Zebra would have to worry about would be flesh tearing kicks. The Ostrich has a mighty kick rarely used. Ostriches are great animals and can actually be very human friendly, I would see one every day in SA and I really started to like him, he recognised me and would rob food right out of my hand, I started to think that they have a real sense of humour. They rarely become violent for any reason but there freaky looking heads could intimidate the Zebra!

Thanks for these questions,
Hope I could help you.

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