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Hello jim,

Im here to ask you again on some questions. Here are animals from india and animals from africa. Who do you think dominates the fight. It is only ten questions.

1) 6 indian wolves vs 300 lb East-lowland gorilla
2) 100 lb Indian Leopard vs 300 lb East-lowland gorilla
3) 300 lb bengal tigress vs 600 lb Mountain gorilla
4) 50 dholes vs Super-aggressive Cape buffalo
5) 570 lb bengal tiger vs 3 430 lb mountain gorillas
6) 25 dholes vs 6 east-lowland gorillas
7) Gaur vs 5 African lions
8) 5 african wild dogs vs 400 lb sloth bear
9) 570 lb bengal tiger vs 285 lb lionesses
10) 300 lb Wild boar vs 2000 lb Giant eland

Hey Maharshi,

1. Hmmm, tough one. Six Indian wolves can do pretty big damage quickly, and the gorilla isn't exactly that big. If it can quickly kill a couple of wolves it should win, but I don't think it will.

2. In a face to face fight I don't think the leopard has much hope. Simply too small.

3. As above I think. Would take a decent sized tiger or lion to beat a gorilla this big.

4. 50 should do it. Dholes are excellent pack hunters, and they are relentless. 50 dholes will do enough damage to kill the buffalo.

5. The tiger wouldn't be so dominant as to not be overwhelmed. As it gets a hold of one gorilla and goes for the kill, the other two can very quickly hurt the tiger. Provided they don't run away that is!

6. The speed and hunting know-how of dholes gives them a chance, but 4 dholes to a gorilla is probably not enough.

7. The lions should take this every time. One lion is potentially capable of killing a gaur, albeit extremely unlikely. 5 will do it easily.

8. It's an enormous sloth bear and it should win. It will have a few nasty injuries though I'd imagine.

9. I assume you mean 2 lionesses? I think the tiger would still win. Just too big and aggressive.

10. I'd go with the boar. It's build gives it a huge advantage here. Eland's generally fight other elands of the same size and they are designed for this. The boar is too low and compact, the eland's legs will be savaged quickly and it will struggle to do anything back.

Hope that helps Maharshi!

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