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Interspecies Conflict/India vs North america


Hello again,

This time is india vs north america. I appreciate your work.

1) 20 dholes vs world record 880 lb american black bear
2) 550 lb bengal tiger vs 660 lb american black bear
3) 350 lb asiatic lion vs 450 lb grizzly bear
4) Water buffalo vs bison
5) Water buffalo vs 10 grey wolves
6) Gaur vs bison
7) 2 300 lb Sloth bears vs 500 lb american black bear
8) 2 300 lb asiatic black bears vs 500 lb american black bear
9) 10 sloth bears vs grizzly bear
10) 10 sloth bears vs polar bear
11) 2 110 lb sun bears vs 150 lb cougar
12) 6 350 lb asiatic lions vs world record 2200 lb polar bear

Hey Maharshi

1) I'd go with the dholes. Very intelligent hunters and exploiters of numbers. The bear is huge, but it would be slow.

2) I'd go with the tiger. Too much aggression and killing ability.

3) With 100 lbs I'd go with the grizzly. Wouldn't be all that much larger, but more powerful, good weaponry and very aggressive.

4) Bison every time.

5) It's very unlikely that a healthy adult water buffalo would fall to a pack of wolves, but if done outside a realistic situation then maybe. This means the wolves taking their time, biting constantly and letting the cumbersome beast eventually bleed out.

6) Gaur if at average weights, simply because of size. Bison easily at parity.

7) Could go either way, depending on how it plays out.

8) As above, leaning towards the 2 Asiatic bears though.

9) Against the average grizzly ten should be too much.

10) Unlikely, but the sloth bears could win. I would imagine the polar bear would be far too large and powerful though.

11) I'd go with the bears. Hard to kill and with two of them they'll likely inflict too much damage on the cougar.

12) Lions. Six male lions, even small ones, could probably kill anything.

Hope that helps mate.

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