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Hello jim,

I just to ask you more about fights between different animal species.

2 700 lb siberian brown bears vs 1200 lb polar bear

2 880 lb american black bears vs 1000 lb siberian brown bear

400 lb polar bear vs 700 lb american black bear

600 lb polar bear vs 600 lb eurasian brown bear

400 lb spectacled bear vs 300 lb sloth bear

440 lb spectacled bear vs 300 lb asiatic black bear

400 lb sloth bear vs 300 lb spectacled bear

220 lb asiatic black bear vs 420 lb sloth bear

250 lb lioness vs 400 lb american black bear

Hey Simon,

1. As usual from you Simon, this is a tough one! On paper the brown bears should have enough to win, but 1200 lbs is a darn big bear and I'm not sure how they will actually bring it down and kill it. I'm torn.

2. Little easier here, because of the closeness in size. Numbers should win out.

3. Haha you don't make it easy mate! The black bear should win but who knows!

4. Brown bears win parity fights with polar bears in my opinion, though by no means is it a sure thing. Basically, I consider them slightly more rugged animals, and their regular encounters with other predators sees them quite well prepared for conflict.

5. Spectacled bear comfortably.

6. As above. Spectacled bears aren't that impressive, no, but they certaintly aren't bad enough to lose with this kind of size advantage.

7. Same deal. The bears are close enough in capabilities that 100 lbs is a huge advantage.

8. As above.

9. Bear, but only slightly. It won't actually be all that much bigger than the lioness and can certainly be killed. But it will be more powerful and has the weaponry to win.

Cheers Simon

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