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QUESTION: HEY Andy,I heard on a book that the jaguar is not as bold a hunter as the leopard is,do you believe this is true,also do leopards have the strongest shoulders of all the cats or does that title belong to the jaguar,thanks for your last answer it was very helpful,thanks in advance,joey

ANSWER: Hi Joey,

Wow, I would of imagined the Jaguar being the bolder hunter as it's known to attack Caiman Crocs. However I know what it may be getting at, when normal prey is in short supply on the Savannah and beyond, then Leopards will start getting more adventurous in their attacks. I have seen Leopards pull off some things you wouldn't believe and even online there are videos of some of these things. Leopards are far stronger and more agile than they look and there comes a time if a Leopard is lucky when it is near invulnerable, it gets to it's peak and I have even heard that are known to toy with Lions as if they can escape quick. It has been known for Leopards to kill cows in farms for instance. Leopards if they are lucky have long extreme lives. I have no experience with Jaguars first hand but I'm sure they are in generally bigger than the Leopard in the shoulder area. Jaguars are more powerful and I have heard they can crush skulls with those jaws.
The Jaguar is really a muscular animal, and more so than the Leopard. I have seen Jaguars in zoos and they tend to be pretty lazy due to confinement but I hear they are a different animal in the wild and extremely dangerous to be around especially if you don't know where it is, being attacked by a Jaguar would be like being attacked by Freddy Kruger with Jaws in a washing machine at full power!

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QUESTION: HEY Andy I have another question,who do you think would win between a sumatran tiger and a african lion if both are the same size,at normal sizes the sumatran tiger is the smallest of the tigers,and is smaller than the lion,but is the strongest of the tigers for its size,thanks for your last answer it was very helpful,thanks,joey

Hi Joey,
The Sumatran Tiger is still a Tiger, they still are super strong so at parity it is still a close fight with the Lion. I think they are incredibly powerful because they prey on many of the same animals that there northern cousins do. So yes they may have extra power that makes up for the size issue. I don't think a human would have any more luck bumping into a Bengal Tiger or a Sumatran as the power difference would mean nothing to your fate.

Tiger V's Lion (Rule)

The right Lion can beat the right Tiger.
The average Tiger is stronger than the average Lion.
The average Tiger has a stronger Bite than the Lion, in fact it has the highest of all Cats and even stronger than Bears.
An above average Lion can defeat an average or below average Tiger.
However, An above average Tiger can beat any Lion.

I think this fight would be something like 60/40 to the Tiger, this is because they are the same size.

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