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Lioness vs 4 leopards

Lioness vs 6 wolves

Lioness vs 3 Sun bears

Lioness vs 10 german shepherds

Lioness vs 2 jaguaresses

Lioness vs Elk/Caribou

Lioness vs Muskox

Lioness vs Brown bear

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the questions!

Lioness vs 4 leopards
You know I think the Leopards can do it, especially if they are the larger Tom Male ones as they have the best size for this. I think they (working together) could take down the Lioness. If the Lioness however is above average it will cause massive injuries to some of the Leopards possibly resulting in death for one or two after the initial fight.

Lioness vs 6 wolves
Again I think the Wolves have a good chance, they are well versed in working in packs to take large prey however if the Lioness gets hold on one wolf than the wolf could be torn to shreds, if this happened the wolves odds of winning would start vanishing fast. So unless the wolves are at there top game the Lioness could turn that tide and starting offing then one by one.

Lioness vs 3 Sun bears
Not good for the Lioness, it would be a hard slog for her, she maybe could handle one confidently but 3, and even that could be a real battle which she could loose. It two too much. She would run off hopefully!

Lioness vs 10 german shepherds
Again all of these questions are that bit too much for her, she is one of the best hunters on the Savannah but having to deal with 10 German Shepherds would be too much. One Shepherd would be torn to shreds in a few seconds and tho the best Lioness could start offing them, but 10 is just too much. German Shepherds get into frenzied attacks much like Wolves and they would work brilliantly together, possibly the best Dog pack there could be. They have the confidence, the smarts and the Lioness would be out done here.

Lioness vs 2 jaguaresses
This would be a hard one to, but 2 Jags gives her more of a chance. Again, separately shed would win but if they work together against her the Lioness odds go down. She stands a chance a good chance tho maybe 60/40 the Jags.

Lioness vs Elk/Caribou
Yep, the Lioness can do this but precision and timing will be everything, face on fight would be tougher. Lionesses sometimes are between prides and they often kill large prey alone if they have to. The Elk however would be harder but if she was nearly starving but still had fat reserves and energy she can do it.

Lioness vs Muskox
No, too big she would need backup from the pride. Musk ox are too tough for a single Lioness. Only if it was an infant and half dead already would she have a shot.

Lioness vs Brown bear
On averages, no she can't do it, the Brown Bear on average is bigger and stronger and a nightmare for a cat to fight.

I feel bad for the Lioness in question as the can do some amazing things, I have worked closely with them and like them, I have loads of respect for them and believe me you or me could be killed in 15 seconds by a Lioness but your questions have pushed the boat out as regards what she can do.

Anyway, it fun answering!
Thanks Jen.  

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