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hi about a prime 200lb male chimp vs the worlds strongest man fight to the death?thanks

Hi Steve,
That's straight to the point, thanks!

200lb of Chimp will be immense even in the face of a strong man. The worlds strongest man is going probably a lot stronger than you or me. They will be able to wrestle the Chimp(an average Chimp) to an extent and may even be able to kill them but if the Chimp really pulled up all his potential he could rip the mans arms right out of the sockets, he could swing the man by the leg and send him flying. An average male Chimp is probably about twice as strong as the "Strong man" with harder bones and far hardier skin teeth and all. This Chimp is about 5 times stronger than the average man, probably stronger. They Bite hard and they are know to rip parts of the body off(think of the worst things you could loose!) they are know for this. In a fair fight the Chimp will win. The only way the human will win is by not being fair!

Hope that OK Steve.

Interspecies Conflict

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