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hi again andy,and thanks for the quick response,and the point i was making was no matter how strong the loop is,the bear won't even bat an eyelid,just to large and powerful,and the tiger but not quite as my last question is how many strong men do you think it would take,to go toe to toe with a 400lb silverback?thanks again

Hey again Steve, well I'm online now and I like these questions especially this one!

The silverback I can talk about in two ways firstly, what they have been observed doing and how they deal with confrontations that have been documented.
Secondly, the pure potential of an animal that has so much power it really is the incredible hulk!
400lb of Silverback will be immense, it would have arms that will be like tree trunks and if you were in the same room as it you would feel like you were about to be obliterated.
However the truth is he is generally a lot more peaceful than he looks and even when he engages with fighting they tend to hold off there real power. They bite and shuffle, if they were to give a man a punch the man would loose his head, even the most powerful man would be stone brain dead after it. The silverback has the potential to beat and kill probably ten men however they think and can get flustered far more than the likes of a big cat or a bear. The silverbacks weakness is it's psychology. I really don't know many men it would take probably 20 men with a serious plan but many will end up dead or brain damaged and potentially it could kill them all.
So, my point is power wise you have 10 Mike Tyson punches in one!
Thanks Steve.

Interspecies Conflict

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