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Hi again Andy its nice to be talkin with you again over the interenet!Here are some more match ups ive been recently thinkin about some i already asked to other experts but i wanted to get your opinion on them!Here goes.

Bull Cape Buffalo vs Male Polar bear?-I think if were talkin about average sizes(2000 lbs vs 1300 lbs) the buffalo would win.But polar bears could reach 2000 lbs as well.So at equal weights i think it would be a good match.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Giant Panda?-I gotta say i like this match up because it is really hard to picture this fight and i think its really creative.But if i were to pick a winner i would put my money on the gorilla.It would have a weight, and no doubt a strength advantage,also i've always been impressed with the gorillas human like abilitys,as well as the apes intelegence.

Giant Eland vs Yak?-This is problably my favorite herbivore vs herbivore match up!Im really split on it because both bull giant elands and yaks can (i mostly say can for the yak)tip the scales of 2200 lbs.So at equal weights im tied between the yaks robust build and the elands speed.

Walrus vs Narwhal?-Since both can swim in the deep id back the walrus.It would have a weight advantage and it would be just as goodly armed with those tusks.

African Leopard vs Ostrich?-I've seen ostrichs run at full speed and god let me just say that i don't think the leopard would catch it.But since leopards are animal athletes,have great ambushing skills,as well as being very intelegent i believe the it could bring the bird down.Although the leopard would want to watch out for that kick.

Cougar vs Femal spotted Hyena?-I would put my money on the cougar.although lions have a tough time killing spotted hyenas so the cougar is in for one hell of a challenge.

Giraffe vs Hippo?-This is another of my favorite herbivore vs herbivore match ups!Bull giraffes can tip the scales of 2 tones but bull hippos could weigh up to 9000 lbs.Very Tough match up because despite the hippos weight advantage the giraffes height would make things extremly dificult for the hippo.

American Bison vs 2 Giant Forest Hogs?-one hog is down right tough and agressive so 2 should be a tough challenge for the bison.Although i think the bison prevails here if were talkin about 2 average sized hogs.

Thanks and have a happy holiday if you celebrate it.

Hi Trish, nice to hear form you!

I'm sure that the experts here all have different experiences so it's all valid.

Bull Cape Buffalo vs Male Polar bear
This is quite a hard one, Polar Bear are immensely powerful and when they are determined there isn't a lot they can't handle. However the Buffalo(Black Death) is one of Africas big 5 and for a reason. It is so solid and regularly kills people, and I have heard that when it attacks the human becomes a rag doll, same however could be said from being attacked from a Polar Bear. I think the Buffalo will just be that bit too much for the Bear and the Bear will retreat. The Bear can only get a Buffalo if there is weakness in the Buffalo, a bid Male? No just too solid.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla vs Giant Panda
I love both these animals, they both have massive potential for being extremely good fighters however they share a love of peace and like to take life easy for the most part. The Gorilla has massive power in those arms but the Panda has the Jaws and the arms. I think the Gorilla at best will deter the Panda with a box in the face but the Panda if it turned into a fighting machine could attack hard and it has the weapons. Gorillas have skin thicker than us but not a lot thicker, it can be damaged in a similar way to us. The Bear has more resistance to that but both of these are so peaceful there would be not much of a fight. If the truth be told I believe these animals could live in the same forest and would never fight.

Giant Eland vs Yak
I really do not know what would happen here, the Eland is very good as using those horns and predators have lost their lives trying to deal with this Giant Eland, however the Yak has the built up solidity. I think 50/50 that's all I could say on that.

Walrus vs Narwhal
The Walrus is a giant tough ass animal with blubber that protects it from even Polar Bears sometimes but the Narwhal has that tusk, that tusk is as dangerous as it looks and in the water it will be able to pierce the Walrus, some Narwhals have double tusks. Anyway the Narwhal wins, I can see the Walrus attacking the Narwhal but the Narwhal will survive in unless it was taken out of the water.

African Leopard vs Ostrich
I love the Ostrich, they have personality but realistically the Cat could do it. The Cat would likely ambush it and get a neck bite, the poor Ostrich would be done for. However if the Ostrich is on the plain and the Leopard approaches the Leopard could certainly get extremely injured but knowing how well Leopards weigh up situations it would never do that. An Ostrich last year kicked a Tiger (Tigers are being introduced to reserves in Africa) when Tigers were being trained to attack the Ostrich and the Tiger ran off! This Bird can run fast and seeing a Leopard chasing an Ostrich on the savannah is very unlikely!

Cougar vs Female spotted Hyena
Long story short the Cougar can actually do it, but it will need a size and strength advantage else it could go really down hill for the Cat. An average Prime Cougar will do it, but if it's a smaller Cougar then the odds change fast!

Giraffe vs Hippo
A non event in reality but no winner could come out of it. The Hippo could kill a smaller Giraffe that is all.

American Bison vs 2 Giant Forest Hogs
I'm thing Bison, if the Hogs were huge than maybe but I doub't they would see a Bison as a good fight for them. Bison wins this one.

Hope that's OK Trish, and leave those poor Ostriches alone, they are peace loving hippy type animals with the weirdest heads!  

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