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Hi jim,

Nice to see you again. I like your answers. Here are my matchups on different animal species. Answering in any way you like.

2 180 lb bali tigers vs 660 lb american black bear
2 300 lb sumatran tigers vs 600 lb european brown bear
220 lb jaguar vs 440 lb asiatic black bear
200 lb jaguar vs 400 lb sloth bear
200 lb jaguar vs 300 lb american black bear
200 lb jaguar vs 2 100 lb sun bears
2 pitbulls vs 100 lb sun bear
3 pitbulls vs 300 lb sloth bear
600 lb european brown bear vs 550 lb african lion
440 lb african lion vs 400 lb indochinese tiger
330 lb wild boar vs 660 lb american black bear
Siberian brown bear vs 4 asiatic black bears

Hey Simon

1. The bear should be too much for the tigers but as most people know, tigers are capable of pulling off very impressive kills so between two this is certainly possible.

2. I'd probably switch to the tigers here. They are quite large for their sub-species, and the bear isn't quite so big for its sub-species. Still could go either way

3. At double the weight I find it hard seeing the bear lose. But it is a jaguar, so pretty much everything will have a battle on its hands.

4. The jaguar should beat this fairly lightly built bear.

5. I think I'd go with the jaguar again. The bear will lack the dynamic attack of the jaguar and will not have the raw strength and size of a larger or different bear species to counter that.

6. I highly doubt the sun bears would be able to do enough damage quick enough. At double the weight, the cat should be able to kill a sun bear quite quickly.

7 and 8. I'll say the bears in both cases, but they will have some shocking injuries if they do win.

9. Lion for me. At these kinds of weights, I think lions are far superior to bears.

10. Lion vs tiger is 50/50 for me, so 40lb advantage = lion win.

11. The bear can and might win on occasion but more often than not the boar will rough it up a bit and leave. Very difficult animal to control and offensively very dangerous.

12. I doubt the bears would have the cohesion required to counter the enormity of their opposition. If they did happen to work together they would win, but they won't.

Cheers Simon

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