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QUESTION: Hi Jim it's good to see you back. Hope you have had a splendid couple of weeks. Do you guys celebrate Halloween in Australia?

So here are my questions without further ado.

1: Big prime male kangaroo vs. big strong male bighorn ram at normal weights for each

2: Five cooperating komodos vs. medium-sized prime saltie

3: Max-sized prime clouded leopard vs. very small (but prime) regular leopard at exact parity

4: Prime male spotted hyena vs. two prime clouded leopards at normal weights

5: Elite Tosa vs. sun bear at exact parity

Thanks Jim!

ANSWER: Hey Martin. Not celebrate, but kids will go trick or treating. Definitely not on the American level.

1. The ram should have too much for the roo. The horns are great offensively and very handy defensively.

2. Five seems like enough to me. Very dangerous animals capable of big damage, the croc would be in trouble.

3. Very hard to say. The CL has the morphology of a big cat at a small size, but does it transfer at heavier weights? My hunch is yes, it is capable of beating a big cat at parity.

4. The hyena will be hurt but it should be far too big here.

5. Nice fight, I'll go with the bear. Not as durable as the dog, but durable enough, with dangerous claws and an enormous bite. Good match up though.

Cheers Martin.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Jim!

1: Rhino vs. boar at parity. I would go with the boar, but narrowly.

2: Please rank the following from least to most game.
Game-bred British mastiff
Rutting make kangaroo
Grizzly sow
Fighting bull
Male tiger

3: Eight giant-size 90kg prime komodos vs. a musth elephant. Do they stand any chance whatsoever? Even a .5/10?

4: Rutting warthog vs. komodo at exact parity

Thanks again Jim!

Hey Martin,

1. Rhino for me. Pretty much it's just better in all vital areas. Significantly though, it is the more powerful animal and has thicker skin.

2. Grizzly Sow
Rutting Male Kangaroo
Male Tiger
Fighting Bull

3. Nah.

4. Would be interesting. Warthogs are very quick, far better designed for swift movement than any other suid. But can it do enough damage? The komodo would pretty much only need one bite, as an animal of the warthog's size wouldn't last long with the venom. Hard to call but I say Komodo.

Cheers Martin.

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