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hi andy and this is a query from previous questions that have left me completely baffled.a questionare asked you how a dog would do against a lion,and you said even a sloppy lion would (probably)beat the toughest of dogs,now i'm no expert but a lion would easily beat numerous dogs not probably beat one tough dog and i really don't get why you didn't say the lion would destroy and dog not probably beat i'm sure you are a good expert but your answer to that makes me believe you grossly underestimate the power of a lion,can not even a lioness bring down a fully grown zebra?and a male lion can weigh in at 500lbs and is one of the most powerful predators on earth,but might just get past a and in my opinion a leopard would destroy any dog even a small one,for one it's a wild animal it's weaponry is far superior ie claws,strength agilty huge canines etc i'd like to have your thoughts on this andy thanks

Hi Steve,
Before that I was talking about leopards, but after that I said the following:
"As regards Lions it's even tougher for the dog, even a sloppy Lion could probably do away with the toughest dog"

You are right Steve, a Lion could probably take a few tough Dogs with him however in the past Dogs have been pitted against Lions and Lioness with mixed outcomes. In general they were way too much for a dog but sometimes Lions refuse to attack and the odds go against them due to injury,age and also they have been baited as to handicap them so when the Dogs attack they cant attack with all there power.
When I said sloppy Lion, I was thinking one with no fight experience, a young one maybe, and also near to the weight of the Dog it may be pitted against(this has happened to).
These scenarios have been played out in ancient times and the Dogs used would have been Mastiff types but ye really when it comes down to it the Lion is going to win.
In the odd instances where the Lion didn't win it was usually because the Lion would not engage in the fight, when the Lion does engage it has taken 12 maybe more dogs and probably big tough dogs to.
Read this Wiki article, it's the nearest proof we have of these fights:

The crowd in this case wanted to see a fight, what they usually got was a played out theatrical event where it appeared the dog could beat the Lion, you are right, there is no way any of those dogs would stand a chance.
Hope that's OK Steve,

also, I have been very close to Lions on a reserve, It really is freeky to be near such a powerful animal, they could kill you or me in seconds Steve. I have never been next to a dog a felt the same fear so it's pretty obvious who would be more dangerous. Large powerful Dogs however can be pretty intimidating but I'd rather face a chance fighting them then a even a young Lioness.

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