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hi mr andy.thanks for you,re last answer but just one thing was strang for me.the question about australovenator.i know it is not known very well but if our knowledge about australovenator be wright or atleast be close to reality maybe it can,s weight is equal with average weight of kodiak bear and have good speed and massive claws that large claws are almost 10 inches or more,it,s arms are strong and i think it can win.i read that you say you know somethings about dogs.well you think a german-shaperd a big one can fight with a big male baboon.and you think a large spotted hynea win or a large grey wolf.and you think in fight between gorilla nad black bear who will win?and you think in fight between cryolophosaurus and saltwater croc who will win?and who will win leopard seal or walrus?thanks sorry it was long i hope you be sucessful everywhere.thanks and please answer me everything you can.

Hi again muhammad,

I will tell you the truth, I am not the best on Dinosaurs. To be honest I don't think any animal in the present day would fair well against a Dinosaur as they were just massively powerfull and they lived in a more violent world.

German Shepherd v big male Baboon
This is really bad for the Dog, the Baboon is strong and dexterous and can fight off more powerful animals. The bite of the baboon is actually worse than the Dog bite and to top it off the Baboon seems to hate dogs and have no qualms in attacking them. There have been dogs that can defend against a Baboon but the average German Shepherd will not be able for it.

Large Spotted Hyena v Large Grey Wolf
The Spotted Hyena has this one, it's more powerful and fights dirty. I have worked close with Hyenas and they are ferocious when they get going. The Wolf has stamina and speed but the Hyena is a brute and will win. It's just that simple.

gorilla and black bear
I think the Gorilla can fend off the Black Bear, if the Black Bear attacks hard then the Gorilla will get injured but the Gorilla is I believe stronger by a little and could fend the Bear off. Potentially if the Gorilla was aggressive it could turn it around and if it was able to sink blows at the Bear I think think the Bear would not want to fight any-more and would flee. The Bear has the Jaws and the bites, the Gorilla does Bite but not as effectively. Realistically tho I can't see these two having a big fight, they will both equally want to just leave the situation.

again I'm no expert on Dinosaurs but from what I have seen the Dinosaur will win

Leopard Seal v Walrus
The Walrus is the tougher of the two. It can withstand an attack (sometimes) form a Polar Bear and believe me that is saying something. The Walrus has thick nearly unpenetrable blubber which can be 20cm thick, and the Leopard Seal has no advantage here.

Thank you muhammad, I enjoy your questions!  

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