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hi mr andy.i hope you have a happy hallowen.i have some question that i hope you answer yout think a giant short face bear can win in fight with an ankylosaur?!!!!giant short face bear was very large and powerfull but not design to can hunt or even hurt to a creature like an ankylosaur.even t-rex have a lot of problems for it and we know t-rex is many times more dangeouros than a short face bear and i heard that short face bears kill large mamooths that in a fairly battle it can not be truth.and you think who will win australovenator or kodaik bear?and who will win afrovenator or a 30 feet nile or saltwater crocodile?and you think if we have an eleven meter human or a 37 feet long human can it win in fight vs 4 14 feet kodiak bears?i think it is not impossible.and you think who will win megalania or polar bear?and who will win polar bear or kodiak bear?and who will win a lion or a kodiak bear?my guess is that lion have an almost good chance and who will win a siberian tiger or a polar bear?thanks please answer anything that you can please answer me this my forth time that i am asking from allexperts without any answer.thanks.

Hi muhammad ali, that's a great name by the way!

I'll try answer this as best I can, I think the Ankylosaur would be too much for the Bear, It's armor gives it a whole new level of defense. Yes the Bear is one hell of a specimen but the Ankylosaur was to. The Bear is a little bigger and more robust but I can't see it beating the Ankylosaur.
australovenator or Kodiak bear, this one goes to the bear I think simply because I believe the Australovenator was built for speed and not for combat.

The other ones are pretty tough ones to answer for me as they have to do with the mythical realm but I'll answer the last few
Polar Bear v Kodiak Bear
The Polar Bears of the past would have won this one on average but presently the Kodiak Bear is on average the more aggressive. I think it;s likely 60/40 to the Kodiak Bear.
Lion v Kodiak Bear,
I think the Kodiak would win because it's larger and stronger, however in the Arenas of Ancient Rome it has happened that a Lion has killed a Brown Bear (a relation of the Kodiak) so yes the right lion could kill an average Kodiak Bear but an elite Kodiak could kill any big cat.
A Siberian Tiger would have more chance to kill a Bear however the average Polar Bear will be too much even for a mighty Siberian Tiger.

Hope that helps!  

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