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Hey Jim,

1. 90 kg jaguar vs 2 75 kg S hyenas
2. Large zebra vs 2 large horses
3. 225 kg gorilla vs 4 large s hyenas
4. 600 kg tiger shark vs 2 300 kg b sharks
5. 50 kg elite Ambull vs 55 kg elite Fila brasiliero or Cane Corso.

Other than Pitbull or Tosa inu, is there any other dog that can defeat an elite Ambull at equal weights?

Hey Gaurav,

1. Extremely tough to call. With two big foes to deal with the jaguar will be unlikely to commit to either and this could be its downfall. The hyenas will keep coming and their bites will add up quick. But if the jaguar does commit to one it can kill it quite quickly then the other is in trouble. The jaguar will be lucky to walk out with anything less than a severe limp though.

2. We did this one didn't we? Probably the horses.

3. Kind of similar to the jaguar one, except the gorilla lacks killer instinct so it's more likely to hesitate and not carry on with attacks. I might give it a slight edge just because it's a big gorilla, but I'm not at all confident.

4. Bull sharks should be favoured but with sharks, you never know.

5. I'll answer this and the next bit together. Both these breeds can beat an Ambull at parity, with weight advantages and even with weight disadvantages. With dogs, once they've been bred for the "sport", any good example of any of the breeds can potentially beat any other breed. I would probably favour both the Fila and Cane Corso to win this fight, but it would all depend on how it played out on the day. Staffies, Bull Terriers, Presas, possibly Bully Kuttas, Gull Terrs and Gull Dongs and those Asiatic breeds, they can all win a parity fight with an elite Ambull. Probably more too.

Cheers Gaurav

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