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QUESTION: Hello again,

Nice answers last time. I have read interactions between grey wolves and bears. Adult male Black bears have been killed by grey wolf packs before when they try to steal their prey or enter in their territory. There are records of this happening, but the wolves never eat the black bear. But single male brown bears and sometimes females have chased and even fought off large pack of full grown wolves. Brown bears, especially adult male grizzly bears, tend to dominate over wolves.

The largest grey wolf on record was shot by a sports hunter in alaska. It weighed to be 175 lbs, which is about the weight of some adult humans. There was another massive wolf shot in some place in canada that weighed to be 240 lbs, although this is unconfirmed.

Now coming to my matchup on the average sized grey wolf.

Grey wolf vs 4 golden retrievers
Grey wolf vs 2 siberian huskies
Grey wolf vs Elk
Grey wolf vs 2 siberian lynxes
Grey wolf vs wolverine
Grey wolf vs human with wooden stick

Yes I would imagine a wolf pack could certainly deal with a black bear and it would be about food and territory not about a bear becoming prey for the wolves. A brown bear is a monster in size and strength to a wolf and it can pick them off you see, so could a black bear but just not as fast. A wolf weighing 240 lbs would be a monster!

Anyway questions,

Grey wolf vs 4 golden retrievers
Unless the dogs are trained and ready for this the wolf could dispatch them and deal with them one by one giving the wolf the win, but not easily. If the retrievers are going to work together they could at least get the wolf to flee.

Grey wolf vs 2 siberian huskies
This is tougher for the wolf, as I said in a post before the most powerful dog I ever came across was a husky type, honestly he was tougher than any APBT or Dogo or anything else I have come across, he was a freak of course. 2 average Siberian huskies if ready and trained could deal with the wolf but a kill would be unlikely, the wolf would loose but it would just flee the dogs.

Grey wolf vs Elk
An Elk is a powerful animal, it's predators are generally packs of wolves not a single wolf, I know that cougars have preyed upon them by themselves but I think an elk would be too much for the average wolf in a face on fight.

Grey wolf vs 2 siberian lynxes
Umm, this is a hard one but I think the wolf can win because the cats will not work together and it will most likely end up the wolf taking them 1 by 1, but if the lynxes worked together like 2 lions would they could definitely do the wolf damage, one lynx face on and one trying a neck bite would put the wolf in a hard place but the wolf has loads of stamina and he could still have loads of energy to finish the lynx after there failed attacks. I think 50/50 here very much depending on individuals.

Grey wolf vs wolverine
This is a great one, it happens probably with some regularity in the wild. The wolverine will be able to take one hell of a beating, they are quite good at that! unless the wolf can get a kill early this fight could get messy resulting in the wolverine trying to claw the wolfs underbelly which could spell major problems for the wolf. Wolverines have survived attacks from animals far bigger and stronger than a wolf so I think the wolf would give up before deciding a winner, the wolverine would go on with his business pretty quickly to so it's a no winner contest.

Grey wolf vs human with wooden stick
This scenario has happened in Ancient Rome, apparently the wolf was a great symbol to the Romans and they liked nothing better than a person(maybe a criminal) being fed to the wolves. I will take an average person(Man) with a stick. The wolf will outflank an attack by the man at every turn. Even if the man gets a shot the wolf can deflect the worst of the blow, using the stick as a spear would serve the man far better but an average man won't have the skill to really be able to deal with the wolf in this way, and after the testosterone in the man has gone down the wolf will still have a lot of energy to finish the man off.
However, a skilled spear warrior could deal with a wolf and the odds would go way in his direction with experience.

Great questions Ray,

Many Thanks,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you.

Just a little more questions, and that will be it.

4 trained golden retrievers vs wolverine

2 trained rottweilers vs wolverine

Trained Siberian husky vs Full grown adult Lynx

240 lb grey wolf vs 4 wolf-hounds

9 trained Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs african lion

Hi again Ray,
love these questions!

4 trained golden retrievers vs wolverine
I think 4 retrievers will definitely be able to beat a wolverine in a fight, this is due to them being trained to attack the wolverine. They will most definitely work well together and the wolverine can only really handle one at a time. I would wonder could a wolverine weather this attack, and they have weathered attacks from bears and survived so it's possible the wolverine gets beat up pretty badly and walks away in the end. If a wolverine uses his claws to attack the underbelly of any of these dogs it could cause death so I think one or two of these dogs could be very injured and possibly die afterwards.

2 trained rottweilers vs wolverine
Two Rottweilers are a force to be reckoned with, if they are trained for combat even more so. I think they can do it. However like the retrievers there would be danger involved. The wolverine has a habit of surviving brutish attacks from even stronger animals so I really think a tough wolverine could weather this attack and survive afterwards, however it will no way win the fight against the dogs.

Trained Siberian husky vs Full grown adult Lynx
A Trained Siberian husky would win, it's too big for the cat, I think the cat would flee but if it stays and fights it could not beat this dog, the dog is too big and strong and it is trained for these circumstances. The Lynx is a powerful animal but it is in the smaller cat family. They have killed dogs but no way a dog like the Trained Siberian husky.

240 lb grey wolf vs 4 wolf-hounds
Firstly this monster of a wolf would beat any wolfhound outright, even wolfhounds had a limit and a wolf this big would likely be too much for any dog, but 4 wolfhounds would beat him. They would work well together and the stamina will match the wolf. I think it's two too much. I think the wolf could beat two of them but 4 attacking will soon do away with him. You have to remember that the dogs first sense is smell and the smell of a 240LB wolf would send fear into the dog quickly. Trained wolfhounds can deal with this of course but I wouldn't be surprised if the wolf scared them off!

9 trained Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs african lion
I have a little knowledge on this. Firstly Rhodesian Ridgebacks don't tend to attack lions, they trap them by flanking them and wait till a hunter comes to deal with them. In the world we live in now we want to protect lions definitely not hurt them. Rhodies (as I call them) are long legged fast and strong dogs, if they went for the lion I do think 9 could just about do it, if the lion is on his A game however he could knock them off one by one, Lions have killed 12 plus dogs in pit fights in London in the 19th century but this particular dog is trained to "subdue" a lion, it is not for attacking and killing the lion. I really think a large male could kill all of them, but a scared average male could be out matched here, when a lion becomes scared it is less powerful but there has been some that have killed 12 dogs and probably tough dogs! I give it 70/30 to the dogs.

Thanks Ray.  

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