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QUESTION: Hey I am not sure if you know much about arachnids,and if you do not know much about them that is okay,but I am wondering who wins in a fight most of the time between a scorpion and solifugid,solifugids are also called camel spiders,wind scorpions and solpugids and i believs a variety of other names          thanks,joey

ANSWER: Hi Joey, thanks for he questions
To be honest I have never come across these guys(solifugids) in my life but it's all very interesting.
However in a fight it would depend on the type of Scorpion, if its a deathstalker, which is a venomous scorpion and it may have the upper edge in a fight, due to venom and the fact that the deathstalker is quite aggresive. It appears that these solifugids have very powerful jaws that may tear an average scorpion apart, so from what I read, the solifugid could beat a scorpion if the scorpion is either smaller than it or the same size, I doubt it could handle a emperor scorpion which is huge compared to it and the deatstalker only has to hit the solifugid once to inject serious venom into it.
Smaller scorpions like the Vaejovis waueri may very well be crunched up by those powerful solifugids jaws
Thansk Joey, very interesting questions.

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QUESTION: HEY andy its me again what about sorpio maurus,the large clawed scorpion, also known as the israeli gold scorpion vs the solifugid and thanks for your last answer,it was very helpful          thanks,joey

ANSWER: Hey again Joey,

It's a very interesting that the sorpio maurus has such big claws compared to the rest, Im guessing it has something to do with adapting to it's local. Firstly the sorpio maurus has got far less dangerous venom, what I really mean it has venom but it's not deadly to humans, however it the venom may still be a threat our solifugid.
Without counting venom I think the solifugid has a good chance as those large claws are only good if the prey is good in them, the solifugid is actually larger than this sorpion, the Israeli gold scorpion is not as bug as the solifugid and if the solifugid can get the first attack in it could do it, however if the scorpion latched its claws firmly on the solifugid it could change the odds big time. I'm giving it 50/50.

Great questions Joey, what a weird thing this solifugid is!

Just another thing, the solifugid has been exaggerated big time by humans. They have reported it to be huge and also that it is venomous, there can only be a few reasons that humans would do this, either the solifugid has got in isolated case venom that causes problems or it has been seen to be a huge in rare cases. I looked up online and found that it's a much considered animal.

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QUESTION: HEY it is me again what about the large clawed scorpion vs the solifugid if both are the same size,I know the scorpion does not get as big as the solifugid but lets pretend the scorpion does get as big as the solifugid who will win? thanks,joey

Hi again Joey,

I have been told that spiders generally outmatch scorpions when size is similar, now the solifugid is technically  not a spider but those legs give it a fair bit of leverage. The Large clawed scorpion has not got the venom of some scorpions so lets pretend that is not an issue here. The scorpion has those claws but unless he can get a part of the solifugid in them then I think the solifugid could well use those strong "chelicera" which are like a pincer.
There is loads of urban legends about the solifugid blaming them for poisonings but in reality they are not poisonous.
At the same size I give it to the more dexterous solifugid but not by much.
I hope that helps, I'm going to the natural history museum soon and I hope they have one of these solifugid.

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