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Hi andy nice to meet you. 2 weeks ago you answerd a question about a skunk scaring away a leopard with its mentioned that the skunk wouldnt have time to spray but if it did how likely is it the leopard would back off?


Hi again Shaun, sorry about the delay I have only just realized how to put the on vacation caption on.

This altercation could go two ways, one the Leopard is so hungry it carries on regardless however if the Leopard isn't too put out by loosing a meal(a relatively small meal)it may then decide to leave quickly. I think it depends on the experience the Leopard has, if it knows how unpleasant to Skunks scent is it may not even attack it in the first place. I think the most likely situation is the Skunk sprays the Cat, and the Cat backs off. However the Cat has the power to kill the Skunk quickly even if it has been sprayed badly.

Hope that Helps Shaun

Interspecies Conflict

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