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HEY Andy,I have some more questions,who do you think would win in a fight between a solifugid and a king baboon tarantula and a fight between a solifugid and a sydney funnelweb spider and a fight between a king baboon tarantula and a sydney funnelweb spider,thanks for the last answers,they were very helpful,thanks,joey

Hi again Joey,
Firstly the king baboon tarantula is a monster in the spider world, it's huge, it's aggressive and it's slightly poisonous. I think it would overcome the Solifigud due to size alone. The Solifigud is a actually larger than what I first thought, I read reports on the net about huge ones being reported but the king baboon tarantula is larger anyway, I mean this spider goes after baby baboons for prey. The poison of the king baboon tarantula is toxic to humans however no fatalities have been recorded.
Now the Sydney funnel-web spider is notoriously aggressive. They poison domestic dogs and cats all the time down in Australia. It is smaller by loads, a king baboon spider can be 4 times bigger than the funnel-web but I know that the poison of the funnel-web could cause the Tarantula a hell of a lot of trouble if bitten. I'd give it 80/20 to the King Baboon Tarantula.
Thanks Joey.

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