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HEY Andy I have another question,who do you think would win in a fight between the sumatran tiger and the jaguar if they both were the same size,the strenght difference between the two is probably not that pronounced if they both were equal in size and weight,thanks again for your last answer,it was very helpful, thanks in advance,joey

Hi Joey my friend,

Thanks for the question!

AS I said Joey the Sumatran is still a kick ass Tiger, the Jaguar is a powerhouse in his own right capable of destroying a human is seconds but the Sumatran size doesn't mean it's less powerful, in fact a Sumatran at this size is more powerful than a Bengal at this size so no I think the Tiger wins!
I don't think the strength difference would be huge but the Tiger, especially this Tiger takes down bigger prey than the Jaguar. They would have an epic fight but the Tiger will come up trumps every time.

Thanks Joey!  

Interspecies Conflict

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