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Hello, Jim!

Is there any animal on the planet that weighs the same or less than a Tasmanian devil that can defeat it in a face-to-face confrontation most of the time?

Thank you!

Hey Brad

Maybe not most of the time, but there are similarly formidable animals in that weight range. First you'd look towards the mustelid family- American and Honey badgers, smaller wolverines, a few otters, larger tayras, Yellow-throated martens and fishers and possibly grisons. Then you've got a couple of mongoose species that could give it a fight and definitely the fossa. Of wild dogs, I think there are three that would have the best chance of pulling it off- culpeos, short-eared dogs and bush dogs. Quite a few domestic dog breeds as well, like Patterdales and Jagdterries and small bull breeds. As for cats, well I think quite a few would have a chance because of their supreme killing ability. Best chances though would be Asian Golden cats, African Golden cats, Ocelots, Fishing Cats and especially Bobcats.

Away from carnivores, smaller suids and peccaries could do it. Then moving away from mammals, a number of monitor lizards would have an excellent chance.

So in summary, yeah there are animals that are of similar capabilities to the Tassie Devil. Would I favour any of them more than 50%? I'm not sure, I'd have to think about it some more.

Cheers Brad

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