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HI Andy,

I have been reading your answer and i really i like your answers.I have got few questions for you.

1.A Prime Male Bengal tiger vs A prime male brown bear in a fight to death

2.A prime male Kaziranga tiger vs A prime male Brown bear

3.A adult male Siberian tiger vs adult male Siberian brown bear

4.A large captive Siberian tiger vs Kodiak bear

please tell who will win and why?

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the questions but I'll answer them all in one if that's ok.

In all of these fights it would be likely that the Prime Bears would win. This is because between these giants the Bear is the bigger and stronger of the two. It is know that Siberian Tigers do prey on Brown Bears, however these are not Prime Brown bears, they would ones that are not as powerful as the Tiger and the Tiger would know that he could kill them. Kodiak Bears and such are too large and powerful for average Tigers to prey upon. The rule is as following

An above average Tiger can win against a below average Brown Bear
An average Brown Bear can win against an average Tiger(Siberian)
An above average(Prime Bear) would not be at threat form a Tiger.

In the interests of self preservation the Tiger wouldn't peruse it!

The Tiger has the Bite to kill the Bear but the Bear has the power to fight off the Tiger so the Tiger would not get at the parts he needs to to land a kill.

Hope that helps.

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