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Hi again Jonathan nice to have you back!Any ways in school the other day i read about a scenaro where an african zoologist witnessed a battle between a cape buffalo and a giant eland.So it got me thinkin about theese buffalo and bison scenarios.Here comes the questions!

If a herd of bison either american or european lived in africa on the same plains as the cape buffalo do you think they'll go into conflict with each other?Cape Buffalo are very teretorial so i think they might.

Also ive read about an instict bison called the ice age bison. It has been stated that it obtained the weight of 4000 lbs plus.So do you think a bison of this size could compete with rhinos and hippos and prevail.

How many bull Cape Buffalo would it take to take out the following?

A.Bull Hippo

B.White Rhino

C.Pygmy Elephant

D.African Elephant

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Hey Trish! Lovely to hear from you again!

Let's get started:

1. Cape Buffalo are territorial with other Buffalo, and Males are often segregated in herds by dominant bulls, but generally they are not defensively territorial with other grazers. Cape Buffalo coincide with Zebra, Topi, Wildebeest and are quite tolerant of one another. Of course incidents occur, and grazing animals tend to have a hierachy, but they do not have isolated territories like predators do.

Bison and Cape Buffalo would probably respect one another. Both are grazers and no real threat to one another, although scraps will occur when food and water resources become scarce during the dry season. All hypothetical of course.

2. I don't research or study prehistoric animals, but a Bison of this size would be what, 2-3 tons? Bovids physically aren't as robust as Hippos or Rhinos however. Their skin is less dense, their bones are more slender, and their weaponry isn't as pronounced nor as effective. A Rhino for example could gore any Bovid with ease, with that devastatingly sharp horn, and the same goes for the Hippo with those huge tusks.

As I said, I don't have a wealth of knowledge on this extinct animal, but physically it would probably be at a disadvantage, despite the lack of discrepancy in size.

3. Well, this is quite hard to analyse hypothetically, but here goes:

A) Two or three. The Buffalo can outflank the Hippo and co-ordinate attacks.

B) A lot. Maybe six or seven.

C) Hard to really accurately number the amount needed. Maybe 10.

D) A lot.

4. Draft horses are domestic animals, thus lessened in aggression and prowess in combat, but they are still heavily muscled, robust and mobile and can land ferociously heavy kicks.

The Buffalo's horns give it great potency and would be able to land serious wounds with an effective swipe.

I'd favour the Buffalo.

Great questions Trish! Keep them coming!


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