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Hellow,Jonathan,how are you? I am interested in animals and I want to know, what do you think who would have more chances to win White Rhino or African Bush Elephant and who would really win between them when they will be charged over each other?
Also who would win in the fight African bush elephant or Indian elephant?
Who do you think what animal is the strongest in fight between land living animals(I mean between herbivores)

Hey Alexander! Lovely to hear from you!

1.I'd favour the Bush Elephant every time. If you see a Bull Elephant, you can only imagine the frightening wealth of power they have. Their heads are massive, and so broad and the impact when they smash and make contact is devastating. The leverage is that almost like a demolition. Just huge thick bones, and dense skin. Also their huge upper body-strength with those heavily muscled shoulders, and they are armed with elongated tusks, that can lacerate and cause serious damage to any animal.

The Rhino would attempt to charge the Elephant with it's fearsome horn and huge bodyweight, but the Elephant can deflect this attack, and is physically strong enough to flip over and ground the Rhino and thus gore or trample the Rhino to death. Elephants are specimens designed for power, and Bull Elephants in particular are destructive forces of nature when enraged. Terrifying and impressive.

Elephants are the strongest and most imposing land animal on earth, and thus are well equipped to battle any animal. Elephant wins.

2. African species of Elephant tend to be much larger and often substantially more aggressive. As is frequent in hypothetical animal discussions, it would depend on the individual's willingness/unwillingness to fight, levels of aggression etc, but I would favour the African Elephant.

3. I don't quite understand how you've phrased the question. Are you asking which animal is the strongest fighter out of all living land animals? In that case, it would be the Elephant.

Great questions Alexander! Keep the coming!


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I can answer any question on land carnivores. Big cats are my main area of expertise. I can answer questions on weight, behavior, and on any possible match-up among mammals, reptiles and insects, but the latter is less preferred. I am not very well informed with dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, so please refrain from asking me questions about them. Just modern animals please. Also questions on bite force are not the best, as they vary greatly.


I am a wildlife enthusiast. I have visited countless zoos globally to observe animal behavior, and i have also seen animals such as Rhinos, Elephants and Big Cats in the wild and synthetic environments. I watch nearly every animal documentary available, and have really acquired considerable knowledge of animals and animal conflicts as a result. I know a lot.

I have written several articles on Wikipedia. I also will soon start writing blogs about Big Cats.

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