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Hey Jim,

You seem to have become untraceable (just maxeable) and invisible over the past week. I guess you might have either been busy with your work or with Christmas. Well in India too, festivals are thoroughly celebrated. We've festivals/ceremonies throughout the year and the whole society and/or neighborhood celebrates. Anyways, I shouldn't get boring now and ask some questions instead:

1. Very large beluga whale vs large tiger shark
2. Large beluga whale (1.8 ton) vs 1.2 ton gw shark
3. Large beluga vs 3.5 ton hippo in shallow water (swimmable enough)
4. 70 kg wolf vs 2 elite GSDs
5. 2 elite MMAs vs 2 50 kg wolves
6. 60 kg sun bear vs large kangaroo
7. 25 kg wolverine vs elite Ambull
8. 500 kg grizzly vs 550 kg polar bear
9. 2 ton b rhino vs 3 elte SF bulls
10. 50 kg elite Ambull vs 70 kg elite Tibetan Mastiff
11. 80 kg hyena vs 2 Ambulls
12. 50 kg leopard vs 60 kg sun bear

Hi Gaurav.

Yes, not sure how much longer I can keep this up, far too busy.

I can't imagine our holiday season here is anything like what it is in India! Just lots of eating and drinking haha.

1. The beluga doesn't offer all that much aside from size. The shark wins.

2. Shark

3. Still going with the hippo, despite its inability to swim. It can just wait around for the beluga to approach then attack whatever it can, such as the fins.

4. I'd go with the wolf. Tough enough to take a bit of a battering and offensively it is so dangerous.

5. Wolves. 50 kg wolves in good shape would be too much for 99% of human beings, 99% of the time.

6. Fight to the death, sun bear. In a chance encounter, the kangaroo would cause the bear huge problems. It's too quick and the sun bear wouldn't know what to do. Highly unlikely the roo could kill it though.

7. I like the Ambull, but definitely not 100% of the time. A wolverine that size would be very strong and have a crushing bite, so one mistake and the dog is done.

8. Grizzly for me. Just a little more aggressive and combatible.

9. Rhino, but it'll have some injuries.

10. In a long, drawn-out fight, the Ambull should win. Tibetan Mastiffs are extremely durable, but offer little in terms of offense.

11. Similar to the wolveirne fight really. Dogs should win, but the opposition is so tough and so dangerous that it wouldn't take much for the opposite result to occur.

12. I'd go with the bear here. Little bit of weight, good defense and offense etc. Close fight though.

Cheers Gaurav. Happy holidays, hopefully I have time in the new year to continue helping you guys out.

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