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Hi Jonathan,

I hope you're doing well. Just a few new questions:

1) American Bison vs Spanish Fighting Bull (parity, healthy males)

2) Cape Buffalo vs Spanish Fighting Bull (parity, healthy males)

3) Wisent vs Spanish Fighting Bull (parity, healthy males)

4) Cape Buffalo vs Wisent  (parity, healthy males)

5) In your opinion, which big wild bovid is the best fighter pound for pound?

Thank you very much

Hey Antonio! Lovely to hear from you.

1. I would favour the Bison. It's physique is coated in muscle in the upper body, especially around the shoulders and neck. More importantly, the Bison's head is huge, broad and structured by huge, thick dense bone. It's the bovid equivalent of a battering ram. The sheer leverage it can generate with that skull is immense. Combined with those sharp, ranged horns, it's a formidable combatant.

The Spanish Bull is more athletic, but the Bison's immensely powerful physicality gives it the edge, being able to use its head like a demolition ball. It's just too robust physically. Coated in muscle.

Bison wins.

2. Again, I would favour the Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo, alongside their thick, rippling muscular bodies, are armed with horns that protrude and are sharpened like swords, are terrifically agile for their size and are EXTREMELY aggressive. If the two bulls were to engage in a rut, the Buffalo's sheer high-octane could be enough to launch a powerful driving attack, battering into the Spanish Bull's head, and then using those horns to lacerate the skin.

Cape Buffalo are amongst the most ferocious of all wild herbivores. They are voraciously defensive when threatened, and probably kill more Lions in the wild than any other animal in Africa. They are hardwired for primal brutality- and have the equipment to execute.

Buffalo wins.

3. See Question 1.

4. I'd go with the Wisent. The leverage behind the skull and horns is crucial when Bovids and ungulates match up against each other. It's not about who has the largest horns, but the bodyweight behind them. Bison have a much stronger constitution, packed full of the densest bones that can cause severe damage.

5. I would say the Gaur. It has the most impressive physiology of any wild Bovid. It's body is rippling in muscle, with Bulls having this dorsal ridge that is packed with densely packed bones and muscle. The Gaur is also very mobile for it's size, and is just extremely well-defended.

Great questions Antonio!

Keep asking,


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