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Hello andy,

This site is great. I just made up several fights.

South china tiger vs Brown bear

5 Amur leopards vs Brown bear

3 Lionesses vs Brown bear

Jaguar vs Brown bear

10 lynxes vs Brown bear

11 lionesses vs 2 brown bears

180 kg lion vs 180 kg Brown bear

Hi Dave,
Thanks for these questions!
Hope I have not kept you waiting too long!

South china tiger vs Brown bear
At averages the Bear wins, it's too big for the Tiger.

5 Amur leopards vs Brown bear
Working together, it may be slightly possible but still the Bear would win 90% of the time, the Leopards are unlikely to work well but if they did they may have a 10% chance of landing this Bear.

3 Lionesses vs Brown bear
The Lionesses could do this, the Bear will still have a huge chance to deal with them but I think knowing how well the Lionesses work together they could do it. They would treat it like any big animal they attack and they can do it well, however not every time and it really depends on the Brown Bear, if it's an average one yes but if it is prime than I don't think the Lionesses could do it. I'd give it 75/25 for the Lionesses.

Jaguar vs Brown bear
Nope the Bear is too big, the Cat will flee, I doubt a Jaguar would even try!

10 lynxes vs Brown bear
The Bear could do it, the Cats don't have the strength to deal with those massive swiping paws.

11 lionesses vs 2 brown bears
The Lionesses win this one, in fact they could confidently do it, 5 or 6 per bear, the Cats won't even have much of a fight.

180 kg lion vs 180 kg Brown bear
This is where the Lion could win, now realistically this is a young Bear and a big powerful Lion, the Lion wins here every time.

Hope that's ok

Interspecies Conflict

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