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Question: I want to ask you the following of about bovids with bears and big cats. I remember that you said jaguars, cougars, maybe tigers, and leopards are not likely to cooperate together in a hunting scenario. Only lionesses or lions are the best at cooperating for the big cat family. Thank you for helping last time!

4 lionesses vs Water buffalo
2 indochinese tigers vs water buffalo
2 indochinese tigers vs spanish fighting bull
6 lionesses vs gaur
7 lionesses vs spanish fighting bull
2 lioness vs muskox
Large 700 kg kodiak bear vs 500 kg water buffalo
Large 700 kg kodiak bear vs 450 kg spanish fighting bull
2 large 700 kg kodiak bears vs large 1200 kg water buffalo
2 500 kg kodiak bears vs 600 kg spanish fighting bull
2 large 700 kg kodiak bears vs 800 kg bison
2 large 700 kg polar bears vs 800 kg bison
300 kg black bear vs 300 kg muskox

Hey Jill. Not a problem :)

1. I'd go with the lionesses. The water buffalo is larger, but not as fast or aggressive as their usual prey, the cape buffalo, and thus not as dangerous.

2. If they can cooperate and not get in each other's way, the tigers should win. I don't think they will be able to though.

3. As above.

4. Six should almost certainly do it.

5. Definitely the lionesses here.

6. And again.

7. 200 kg advantage and I think the bear wins. That's quite a lot, for such an immensely powerful animal.

8. And again. The bear can lose both matches though, it isn't very well designed for taking on maneuverable bovids.

9. The buffalo is huge but would be quite cumbersome. If the bears can work together a little they should win.

10. I'll go with the bears because of durability. The bull can dominate, but it likely won't kill either quickly, and I see one bear eventually getting a hold of it then both killing the bull.

11. Same as the water buffalo.

12. As above.

13. I'd go with the muskox. I'm not sure the muskox can kill it, but it is far above anything else this bear would ever take on.

Hope that helps Jill. Happy Holidays.

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