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Hello there,

Question: What animals could take on a full grown african elephant? Any predators?

Question: Is it possible that single cougars have taken on healthy full grown bull moose?

At parity, you wouldnt favor a bear over a boar. But what about big cats against boars at parity?

Some questions on animals from canada?

8 wolves vs 700 lb American Black bear

8 wolves vs 300 lb wild boar

300 lb Wild Boar vs 650 lb Elk

2 650 lb American black bears vs 800 lb grizzly bear

Liger vs 700 lb American black bear

650 lb grizzly bear vs 650 lb American black bear

300 lb Wild boar vs 2 600 lb American black bears

Bull Moose vs Grizzly bear (average sizes)

1000 lb Cow Moose vs 2 700 lb American Black bears

Hi Nokoonta

1. None.

2. It's possible, but unlikely many if any have been successful.

3. No I wouldn't. I think any big cat could win the match up, but I wouldn't favour them to any great majority.

4. I think 8 is enough.

5. If they play it cautious and keep their numbers strong, the 8 wolves should win this as well.

6. I'd go the boar. I'm not really fussed by weights here, the elk is simply lacking too much in both offense and defense for this match up.

7. The black bears are quite large individually and two of them should win.

8. Depends on the liger, how much fight it is has, what shape it's in etc. Full potential it wins easily though.

9. Grizzly every day.

10. Probably the bears but not 100%

11. To the death the bear should be favoured. In a hunt, the moose would survive nearly every time.

12. I'd go with the bears here.

Hope that helps mate.

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