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Hi Jim, hope you are having a good week.

1: English mastiff (an old-time game-bred fighting one) vs. BK at exact parity

2: To the best that you can imagine, please rank from least to most effective against a rhino pound-for-pound (at parity):

Cape buffalo
Honey badger
Spotted hyena
Elite fighting bull
Tasmanian devil
Male lion

3: You have said that an elite bull-breed dog would be very slightly favored against a honey badger or wolverine at exact parity. How would this fight play out?

4: Rutting bull elk vs. black bear at exact parity


Hey Martin,

1. Hard to compare really. We don't know how good the mastiff would be when compared to today's breeds. I would tentatively go with the BK though, as I think it may be the more athletic dog.


Tasmanian Devil
Spotted Hyena
Honey Badger
Cape Buffalo
Fighting Bull

3. Even at parity the dog would be notably more powerful. Basically a furry piece of lean muscle mass, the dog would get more out of what weight it has. If elite, not meaning just physically, but mentally as well, it will go straight at the badger/wolverine, getting a good hold on it and not letting it do anything. This initial attack could be met with a bone crushing bite to the dog's head, but that is the risk it takes.

4. I'd go with the elk. The bear just doesn't have the know-how to deal with a similarly sized animal that is well armed.

Cheers Martin. Happy Holidays.  

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